Revolut UK stop all gambling transactions from today


RIP Colin
Jan 28, 2016
You may not be aware, but from 14 April 2020, our UK customers won't be able to use their Revolut cards for any online or offline gambling payments in the UK. The ban follows the Gambling Commission’s review of online gambling, and the Government’s Review of Gaming Machines and Social Responsibility Measures.

What this means in a nutshell
The new requirements mean that UK gambling companies cannot accept credit cards or payments made through a "money service business" such as Revolut.

This applies to all non-remote general betting, pool betting and betting intermediary licences, and all remote licences. While many people gamble responsibly using a credit card, the aim of these new regulations is to help protect those most at risk from gambling money they do not have.

This decision is one which is beyond our control, but in the interests of clarity and honesty, we thought that you should know.

If you currently use your Revolut card for gambling payments in the UK, then from 14 April, you’ll need to use a different, non-Revolut, non-credit card instead.

If you are worried that you spend more than you should on gambling, you can call the National Gambling Helpline now on 0808 8030 133 for free advice on how to stay in control.

Not sure thats correct, Skrill, Paypal etc are money service businesses but they are still ok to use, as long as not funded by a credit card. Seems like Revolut have over reacted here to me.
Plus, thats my gambling over now as its the only card I use, so that should save some money lol.
Hmm..interesting, i use my Starling Mastercard debit card for online gambling,
will this be affected i wonder?

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