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Mar 18, 2012
Hello everybody!! :)

I finished check up of all Accredited Casinos and their bonuses, as good as I could.
But if you notice any thing which should be changed in any of the reviews, please let me know :)
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William Hill don't have a review, well they do but it's for William Hill Casino Club which was different to the main site.

However the link doesn't work, wrong payment methods are listed, screenshots from gowild are used for some reason and states playtech only, that were the errors I picked up
But which other providers as well? I don't recognize any of the games, except some Playtech ones :(

You're looking at williamhillcasinoclub only, Dunover said it is for too? Look under games, casino and vegas for a large range of providers
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He also suggested in the same post, you only do reviews if you have an affiliate agreement with the casino, is that right?
Had a look through and everything seems OK (at least from a UK point of view).

Despite all the recent changes in regulation, many affiliate managers still don't let you know of SUB changes and other important terms!
Kaboo and the rest of the Zecure brands are no longer under GiG but are owned by Betsson Group.

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