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Aug 25, 2004
Bexhill on sea, England
Wagerworks are the latest to try to introduce a 'UK Pub Style' Fruit Machine to their range, and they've done quite a good job! :thumbsup:

This is certainly 1,000 x better then Crypto's crap fruities.

This one does not have random holds or nudges, but does have a good feature on which it is actually possible to win something. ;)

Bad points:-
1. The win spins feature can be very poor. It takes you to a 5-reel slot for the spins with a guaranteed win every time, but these wins can be tiny - as little as 9p (off a 20p triggering bet). For example, off 5 spins I have won as little as 67p, and only once hit a good win for 12 quid.

2. The gamble Hi/Lo feature is very realistic - i.e. it's rigged! Nothing random here. A word of warning: The reel re-spins before each gamble! i.e. If you're on say 10 and go low and land on 1, then hit the gamble button again, you don't start from 1, the reel re-spins first to a different number (usually 5 6 7 or 8 :( )

3. Extremely bloody annoying! There is something on the screen which tells you whether you're going to win (or lose) the moment to hit the 'play' button - ages before the reels stop spinning. Why do these daft software writers do such a stupid thing??? :confused:

Mind you - I didn't mind getting the 'signal' before this dropped in :D
I got it wrong in my first post - I said the free-spins paid as little as 9p per spin, but it's actually 6p :(

Nine times out of ten your average win per spin is about 20p, but I just found out that it does hit a big one sometimes! :D
(off a 20p spin)

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