Review of "Tomb Raider 2", March 2008


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Aug 25, 2004
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I am surprised that this has only just been noticed :eek2: The centralised download for new Mg games has been in operation for months. Once new games are installed in a 1 casino, the template is merely copied onto another casino when first run. :thumbsup:
I hadn't noticed this either until Simmo mentioned it.
So having downloaded Tomb Raider 2 at Ladbrokes yesterday, I logged in to Ruby Fortune this morning, checked it wasn't already installed, and installed it. Bingo - no download and the game started opening within 30 seconds! :thumbsup:
All I can say is IT'S ABOUT BLOODY TIME MG!!!

Now; why for flips sake does a fully downloaded game STILL take 2 minutes to open before you can stat playing it??? :mad:



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Mar 10, 2005
Ooohhh...someone's not getting much sleep these days ;)

Who? The baby or KK?

Oh wait, they're both in the same :D


omg, this paytable is horrible.

1: 100 coins for 5oak A?
2: 7500 coins for 5 wild?
3: Global Adventure Bonus: Up to 450x your weighted average bet???? WTF is your weighted average bet? I guess we have to take their word on whether or not they're paying us the right amount. This is the first slot I've seen a bonus round not pay Nx the triggering bet.
4: 2000 coins for the highest paying non-scatter,non-wild symbol (5oak)?

:what: :what: :what: :what: :what:

The only decent pay for this slot that I saw was 100x for 5 scatters.

You'll get a whopping .80 for every .30 bet for getting 5oak 9's though...that makes it worthwhile! :rolleyes:
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