Review of the new MG games - Hitman (March 2007).


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Dec 1, 2005
Three new games was just released by MG today in their usual monthly shipment.

First there is a 'fruit slot' which is not new actually. I have seen "Cash 'n' Curry" at Ladbrokes almost one year ago. I have played it, but as always I did not like it. I am not much into these 'fruit slots'. They are low variance and I am not sure payout% is as high as the normal slots.

The usual VP release was also nothing special. Double Double Bonus VP that can now be played with 4-hands instead of one. Again I am mystified why they can not offer all VP games at 4/10/50 play at once.

The third game was the new 5-reel 'Hitman' Video-slot, and these I am really into - so a few words about that one.

15 linie
Medium variance

When you see the intro for the slot, you know something new is comming. Until now all intro has been in the MG cartoonish style which I happen to like actually. But changes can be for the better and it this case it definately was. If MG had used the old cartoonish style and you had play the slot, you would know it would have been way out of place. Instead the intro uses very realistic graphics just as you see in the computer game and the slot.

After taking a few spins you will realize this is a new experience. The sounds are all new and fits perfect to both a slot and the theme and the graphics are the best I have soon so far in both online slots and B&M slots(I have not been in Vegas for 2 years though).

'Hitman' does not use the 9TJQKA symbols. Instead they are used to bind the theme together. All low pay symbols are assasination weapons instead. And for the first time MG released the slot with a more 'adult' theme. ( "Loaded" comming in second)

Spinning it feels really smooth, maybe the black layout and realistic graphics improves this feeling. So technically(software) I believe this slot is superior to the earlier MG slots and also other casino software providers.

The slot only has wild on reel 2,3 and 4 and they always expand to fill the reel just as in "Enchanted Unicorn" from Wagerworks. But the wild does not multiply winnings in 'Hitman'. Expanding wilds are one of my favorite mechanics though it is not a new one.

The expansion animation is interesting. If you get two expanding reels next to each other, you will see a new animations using the full size of the two reels. I did not manage to get three expanding wilds but I guess you will see another animation using all three reels.

There are three features in the slot:

3 scatters gives 18 free-spins with *2 multiplier. They can NOT be retriggered and also sadly there is no paytable for the scatters. I did not manage to hit any of the feature during free spins, but I am sure winnings from the picking games are not multiplied by 2. Tell me if I am wrong.

Picking game - reveal prize:
There are special bonus symbols only on reel 1,2 and 3. If you get all 3 symbols you get a picking game where you have to select
one of the scatters and a price is revealed. It is very similar to the "Mad Hatters" picking game, except you can only get 3
bonus symbols. The winnings seems to be from *2 to *20 bet-size. But most of the time the highest win is just around *8 bet size.
This feature is not that hard to get and it is also not very interesting because you winnings are so limited.

Picking game - assassinate:
There are special bonus symbol only on reel 3,4 and 5. If you get all of them you trigger another much more interesting picking game. First you have to pick one of 5 target. Each target has a minimum win and maximum win showing (always the same with same bet size) but the variance increases from left to right. So picking the left one will give a better worst-case win but maximum win is not as high as the others. On the other hand picking the one to the right gives the highest maximum win but also the lowest minimum win. So it is up to you how much you want to gamble. The different minimum wins are not that much different, but very often you will get a win very close to the minimum value. After you have picked one and winnings are revealed a random multiplier from *2 to *6 is applied. This is what makes this feature interesting since you now actually can win a big prize from a picking game.So this is one of the better picking game. Still no picking game
beats 'The 50000 Pyramid'.
This feature is harder to get, but it can also pay a lot more of course. When playing this feature it actually feel like you are making a choice in the Hitman computer game because the graphics are more like what you encounter in a game than in a slot. It is very nice implemented and a good use of the theme.

Highest win on a payline is on 4000*line bet. But because of the expanding wilds you can hit this win three times if with 3 expanding wilds. Big wins from this slot will most often be from 3 expanding wilds and a few from the assassination bonus game.

This slot made it into my favorite list. Basically there is nothing new about the slot: A theme, freespins, expanding wilds and picking games.
All of this has been seen before over and over, but in 'Hitman' all of these are just done very good. I do miss the wilds on reel 1 and 5 (non-expanding) and I am not that happy about the feature 1 picking game. It can never pay much and the bonus symbols keeps getting into the way for other wins.

But they did not make this slot to please me, but instead target the masses, which they did. This slot has most of the features people know from other slot in the same slot and it is nicely done, so it will be popular.

My message is still the same to MG: invent some new mechanics instead of stealing and re-using.

My favorite MG slots
#1 Isis
#2 Mad Hatters
#3 Hitman
#4 Avalon
#5 Mega Moolah
#6 Moonshine
#7 Harvey's
#8 Loaded
#9 Thunderstruck

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I also like the Hitman game.. But it's not easy to hit the bigger feature... I'm going to use some play money to see it..

BTW.. The free spins cannot be re-triggered.. (unfortunatly)
Another superb review Zoozie - many thanks! :notworthy

From your description it definitely sounds like the MG software designers have been spending many an hour at a WagerWorks casino... :p
Not a bad thing at all, cos I love the WW slots & warmly welcome something different at MG. :thumbsup:

Might have a spin or 2 hundred to cheer myself up later, after watching another dismal England performance, and will report back with what I think of it... and the slot! :rolleyes:
Thanks for the review.

I've played it for 3 a spin and - in common with people in the other thread (wasn't sure which one to post in!) - I liked the gameplay, but not the payouts...

After quite a while I got the free spins, which was exciting. The result wasn't... if I hadn't also hit the assisinate feature during the freespins, my total payout from the 18 spins would have been: 1.75.

As it was, hitting the assassinate feature (got a rubbish result in that too) gave me around 100 (33* bet)...

So in my limited experience, it's nice and flashy, but it's a bit rubbish if you know you're not going to win anything at all before you start...
I have a few people complaiinng that they get an erroe message that "the module cannot be loaded" and they can't download the game.

Any ideas what could help?
I'm getting the same message over at Intertops... I assumed it was overload and was going to try later.

So - I just tried again now and it worked fine :)
Been playing for about an hour or so now, and all in all quite good fun! Seems there is potential for good wins, particularly when those wilds line up. The free spins have been hitting reasonably regularly too (120x my best result) - which is actually my only complaint... I HATE it when the scatter symbols don't pay!!! I understand what with all the features and stuff they have to make the odds work, but I want my bet multiplied by x amount goddamnit when the scatters land!

Other than that - nice work MG - Lovely looking and fun to play! :thumbsup:

P.S - This is by far the most new-era Las Vegas style slot to date. My feelings are we'll see the land based version of this one also in the very near future...
Oooh.. Super annoying when the bonus finally hits though, and you pick the last one, and you get 600 x 3 = 1800 coins. Bleargh!

Still gonna always pick the last one though :D
Can someone please tell me where I can play it? Nothing at Palace Group or 32RED yet.

That can't be, because i've yesterday tested "hitman" from the beginning of the day on "Ruby Fortune" so it must be available ;)

Oops, sorry, i haven't read the second side before i had posted this answer, but now you have tested this slot :)
I agree that the slot is flashy, looks nice and is fun to play. No argument there. One thing that really annoys me though is when the wild pops up lol Even on my home pc which is a powerful machine, i find myself sitting there waiting and waiting oh and waiting a bit more for the machine to finish its ridiculously long counting process when going through the win lines. On my works pc which is slower it makes the autospin feature on the slot hard to even use unless of course you dont mind waiting for 2 minutes each and every time the wild comes out lol That and the fact that the first bonus which pays nothing are my real only gripes with this slot
18 Spins... .90cent wager.... total bonus $3.84. This slot sucks! Took $50.00 or more to finally get the free spins.
of course you dont mind waiting for 2 minutes each and every time the wild comes out

You can cancel this animation ;)

You have only to take your mouse coursor and click it in the Slot Screen, then it will stopped this flash movie directly :)

The same works also on all another slots, where you have big wins on the bonus rounds. So you must not always wait, till the coins counter ends :)
Lol Mike it does indeed your right but ONLY when playing each spin individually. If your on autospin im afraid all you can do is sit and wait it out, or cancel the auto spin and start it again, but this too gets very frustrating lol
maybe i don't understand what you mean, but i thought, that you would only cancel the "wild" animation?

as i said, you must only click on the slot to cancel this and you must so or so start the autoplay after free spins, because it will always stop after them :)
No, i mean on auto play feature its not possible to skip the win countup when wilds come out or anything for that matter but its the wilds that takes agessssss to finish counting up lol
i mean on auto play feature its not possible to skip the win countup when wilds come out or anything


now i understand nothing, because i only play in autoplay, so it is possible to cancel this animation, but maybe, your mouse button doesn't work, same like your "Edit Button"? :D *joke* ;)
It isnt at Maple casino or goldenreef either. Personally I think they use certain casinos as `test beds` for new games and if no problems arise, they release them for all other MG casinos.

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