Review of the new MG games August 2007 (Doctor Doctor)


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Sep 17, 2006
San Diego
I spent a lot of time autoplaying Doctor Doctor in free mode just to see what it was like.

Theme: ... I'm reminded of an interview with one of the programmers of the original Tomb Raider game, he said "If you're going to spend the whole game looking at someone's bum, it might as well be a good looking one". He was a very wise man. I like the theme and think it's fairly well executed. I especially like the cheezy music, it sounds like it's straight out of a bad soap opera.

- I find it curious that the higher-paying paylines (the girls) only trigger with three of a kind, while the lower paylines trigger with two of a kind. This is the opposite of what I usually see. It also means that the doctor paylines hit much more rarely.

- The shifting of the bonus zipper and smooches to the left side of the reels means that if you don't get the feature, then the payout chance is probably crippled, which is kind of annoying.

- The striptease feature is, themewise, the best thing since chunky peanut butter. However, payout wise, it's kind of a smokescreen, since the 12 squares you pick aren't really important, what's important are the three squares you don't pick, as they're going to determine which combos of clothing you won't unlock, and thus whether you get the 15, 30, 45, or 60 multiplier. It seems that the payout for getting a "perfect" striptease should be much higher than just 60, since it would be so incredibly unlikely to actually accomplish that.

- The "smooch" freespin feature can actually be pretty darn cool if you start to get increasing multipliers and win more freespins. Kind of starts to feel like a snowball turning into an avalance. One lucky streak with a 7x multiplier that hit 4 nurses turned a 45 coin spin into somewhere around a 7000 coin feature win.

All in all, seems like a game who's base gameplay is molasses-like, with some pretty good features.


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Aug 25, 2004
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I know Zoozie doesn't agree with me, but I reckon this game is very high variance.
Last night I played it for real for the first time, low-rolling of course!
298 spins;
2 x Sneak a Peek bonuses; both paid bet x30
3 x Free-spin bonuses; (6, 13 & 16 spins) paid bet x2 :eek2:, x21 & x54

5 features in 298 spins sounds good and one of the free-spin features seemed pretty good, but at the end I had lost 18%

Because big 'normal' wins are very few & far between and there are so many 2 or 3 of-a-kinds which don't even return the cost of your spin, you're going to need to hit a big 4 or 5 of-a-kind in the free-spins at a high multiplier to ever get anything really decent off this game.
That's my opinion anyway.

Still, it is good fun to play though!