Spammer! Revenue Giants Relentless Phone Spam


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Aug 16, 2009
So it would seem as if my number has been given to Revenue Giants support center. To spam me up with phone offers up to 8 times a day for there various casinos they promote.

Mainly for Rich Casino, Casino Thebes, Casino Moons, and Bingo for Money.

I've tried telling them everything in the book from a simple no, I'm not interested in depositing nor getting a freebie from you guys. Please remove me from you calling list. To finally resorting to flat out lying and saying the person doesn't own this phone number.

I get there apparently hard up for deposits and cash flow especially if you call me twice in a row, once and hour starting at 9 and going til noon. Yet it gets rather annoying having to delete at least 8 voicemails all telling me to call 770-261-1418. Which I have done at least 4 times over the last 2 months I have been getting these phone calls. Somedays they are slightly better than others in the sense. Sometimes I only get 4 phone calls, but that's still not the biggest improvement of none.

The phone numbers they use to call me are

+011 442036089388
+011 27105008494
+011 61281034018

I believe there might have been a few more, yet I'm just too lazy to go thru my phone call log. I suppose I'm just putting this out there to see if anyone else is having this issue. It's really annoying and getting old fast.

So far after chewing out the support rep, I've only gotten 1 I kid you not 1 phone call. Yet again 1 phone is 1 too many. I know sounds a bit extreme eh? Rant over

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