Returned checks with Firepay - Info Please!


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Jan 7, 2004
For anyone out there who could help me with this I would be much greatful.

A few months ago, I went overboard with writing transactions to fund my gambling. When the transactions hit my bank account the funds were not there to cover all of the transactions I wrote. Firepay's policy is to run the checks three times total. The second time the transactions hit my bank, again, they were returned, only a few were paid. However, firepay told me by email that a third try would be attempted on the 1st or 15th, which when I was looking at my bank records, this had still not been done. That was over a month ago. Due to the amount of these transactions, I am very nervous as to what the outcome could be since firepay has not tried to contact me again by email. However, I was told that they will set up payment arrangements to take care of this which I am more than willing to do. My intent is to make good of any wrong doing I have made. But because I can't find answers to my questions in any of these threads or firepay, I am in hopes that someone has been faced with this same situation, and can give me some knowledge of this. Thank you. Also, you could email me directly if you don't want to post to this.

Ok, what a dummy I am. These transactions did clear. I wasn't even looking on the right bank statement.

What I did notice was all the views that have looked at this posting but no replies..... makes me wonder if others were going through the same scenerio but didn't want to say. Oh well, all is good on my end!

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