Return of the Jasminebed


Grumpy old gal
For those who didn't notice, I've been less active than in the past.

For those who did notice and missed me, I am back. Very glad to be back actively.

For those who did notice and didn't miss me one bit... tough luck.

Part of what has kept me from posting has been computer related. That one is solved.

And wonderfully, so often, I find questions I could answer were answered by another member. So I didn't need to contribute, because folks could step in and pick up the slack.

Even when I was posting way less, I came daily and read.

CM is an important part of my life, and I will try a little harder to continue to contribute.

Like it or not.


aka LooHoo
Glad you're back Jazzy, your input has been missed. :) Hopefully the other part of your issue (the non computer related part) is better too?


Grumpy old gal
You know we all missed you. welcome back.

Aw sweet. You are less active than you were at one point too, I noticed you were posting a little bit more starting past few months.

Because someone finally clued me in on how to delete my previous attachments, I have been strolling down memory lane with old threads. Surprising how many fade away, and even more surprising how many are still hanging in.

There are quite a few members in past two or three years who have jumped right in and become real assets to the CM community, but there are quite a few of the old guard I truly miss.


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I noticed and your abscense . . .

is one of the reasons I have been much less active. Like you, I read all threads of interest to me but choose my posts wisely--or at least try to.

I love your no nonsense and practical view of things! It's so good to see you back Jasminbed!


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Indeed, "The world is a better place . . . "


The words are truly profound:

"The world's a better place when your feet don't hurt."

I recently traveled to South Florida. Since I've been throwing away most of my "disposable income" gambling online for the past five years I have traveled very little.

On that trip I realized just how problematic a lot of walking is for me. My feet have always been an issue when traveling to Vegas or anywhere for that matter. But five years makes a big difference and let's just say I'm closer to 100 than birth.

I have terrible planters warts on both feet that multiple doctors have been unable to eradicate.

In 1984 the good Lord spared me, a young and dumb 23 year old cocaine addicted "professional blackjack" player who had been up all night partying in LA who thought he could make it to Vegas before crashing. Well I crashed alright but not at the Sands. I fell asleep at the wheel of my tiny Dodge Colt rental car on I-10 not wearing a seat belt . . .did anybody then?

The sound of screeching tires woke me up as I was swerved from the left lane across 4 lanes to the Guard Rail. My knee jerk reaction to regain control of the car resulted in my flipping over the guard rail and rolling the car three and one half times landing upside down with every single pane of glass shattered.

In spite of heavy traffic on I - 10 near San Bernardino by the God's grace I did not hit another vehicle or cause harm to another. Some would simply chalk it up to chance or luck and they are entitled to do so. I know there are many members of this forum who do not believe in God and I understand and respect that but I DO believe.

Miraculously I was sparred from death and disfigurement. I suffered a shattered left ankle and foot injury and had a small hole punched through my upper lip. No internal injuries.

A renowned foot and ankle surgeon repaired my ankle and foot the best he could and I'm lucky to walk without a limp.

Well I got way off topic but indeed, The world truly is a better place when your feet don't hurt.


Grumpy old gal
My reasons for that signature are less dramatic. But no less true.

I am sorry to hear of your troubles pmutts.

I am under 5 feet tall, who was I kidding with 5 inch spikes all those years ago? I moved into flats 30 years ago.

My knees are older than the rest of me, and it is only past few months arthritis has invaded my ankles.

Pain has a way of interfering with our natural good humour.

For a gal with tiny feet that carry too much weight. mostly my feet do pretty well. And I truly know how miserable I am when they are not well.


Welcome back Jazzy:)
I did check up on you just in case but you were active enough for me to not worry..
Funny thing you said about the not needing to post since others already said what you thought/wanted to say. i have that 9 out of 10 times too:)

Also loved this:
For those who did notice and didn't miss me one bit... tough luck.

I belong to the group that noticed and missed, but like i said i saw you post a little one here and there, and seen your name in the "members who viasited the forum today" list a plenty, but i am still pleased with this anouncement!
Hope your feet decide to get miraculously better then ever, and that your lovely humor reigns supreme, without any distractions due pain..

Big Hug,


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Welcome back Jazzy(that's what she is affectionately known to me). I miss your posts as well as your involvement in the POC. Needless to say, I shall take a wager on Jazzy Feeling whenever this horse races within the coming months.


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Welcome back Jasminebed!

To me, you are the poster who is "always right" (another member commented that some time ago and I agree wholeheartedly). I am not astute enough to notice individual posting patterns but your even-handedness and compassion for the many situations players find themselves in is always noticed and is such a valuable asset to the CM community.
Anyways, take care of yourself and keep up the good work.:cheers:


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You were missed and the purple dancing avatar also. Don't know why, it always reminded me of Barney. When you get old, your eyesight is the first to go :p.