Return of Atlantic Interbet??


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Mar 29, 2002
Hey Bryan, I saw the blurb below posted in the Feb 7th news here. I'm wondering if the 'meister has been having a late octoberfest or something, since none of the many players & ex-pits that I know have heard this. And my s/w still times out trying to connect to AIB. What makes you think they're back up & running?

Return of Atlantic Interbet
After some weeks of lying low and ignoring player and mediator emails, Atlantic Interbet seems to be back online as bold and brassy as you please. Hoping that perhaps their email responsiveness has also improved, we fired off a few queries but had not as at going to press received any response in 72 hours. There are still many unpaid players out there who have been badly served, hence the decision to place this operation on "Casino Cautions".
Hi jpm,

No, my Oktoberfest did not lapse into Feb

But they are up and running but not at 100%
Link Removed (invalid URL). Everything funtions except the final login. Someone is home paying the bills and is waiting to kick it back into gear.

Watch this spot for more info.
That information came from several reliable sources, including Gambling911.

As Bryan says the site is up and good to go, although our attempts to contact the Roffmans or perhaps a new owner (who knows?) have thus far been ignored.

There's no doubt these people have a future plan - it is only a matter of time before they try to stage a comeback.
Very interesting, thanks guys. Please keep us posted on any new developments on this one, there's a bunch of unpaid and angry players who'd like to drop by and say hello.

p.s. love that last emoticon Bryan, lmao!

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