Online Shop Retro Lego components and Fischertechnik Help Needed


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May 13, 2014
Hey all,

Hope everyone and their families are well and coping during this unusual scenario, hopefully we're nearing the end of a very dim tunnel, fingers crossed.

I am looking for any members who may have some knowledge and can maybe help point me in the right direction with regards to some (almost) retro stuff I have from 1990.

My Dad purchased these to use as teaching aids back in 1990/91 and most, if not all were never used, in fact most of the items are still boxed as new.

I have done some brief google / eBay / amazon research and cannot find much which kind of backs up my thoughts that these items are rare and may hold some small value

Some of the items we have come across and want to maybe try and sell include...

Fischertechnik Plotter / Scanner - found one listing for around €200

Lego - Power interface with transformer, again one listing for around £50GBP

also Lego parts (x6-7) 1346, seem to be fetching around £18 each

Lots of old( as in 30 years old but never ever used) electronic components also, reed switches, light sensors, sounds sensors, water sensors, Transdeucers, Relay units, Bulb units, buzzers, rain sensors, motor units etc etc

This stuff must have sat in my parents inlaid wardrobe all this time lol!

Now I am not looking to get rich and retire overnight but am looking maybe to off load it for a decent amount as they do seem to have some value but also avoid being ripped off at the same time, my pessimistic side, despite all the positive signs however make me wonder whether there is a market for these items. hence my cry for help.

If all goes well, my car is desperate for a service and overhaul which is why I need the extra income

REALLY appreciate any advice, pointers, reassurances etc

Thank you all!



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Jun 30, 1998
Hi Jon - this should be in the For Sale section of the forum, but I will leave it here for now since it might get better exposure. :D