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Feb 25, 2018
Hi i am a newby here and i am wondering about responsible gaming. I was banned from a casino in november for excessive gambling i was then able to open an accouny with another casino ooerated by the same company. When i pointed this out to them they offered me a gift of anything i wanted and a new account with opening credits at their new casino. Can anyone offer any advice regarding this please and thank you
I worked at an online casino for a while and when we closed accounts under “responsible gaming” we were allowed to reopen them after 6 months as long as the member said they were comfortable to.. During the closure period I think (but I’m not sure) that it closed any new accounts automatically as long as there was a link (same name and address usually links them) so I’m not sure how you managed to open a new one!

Also, RG rules may be different between casinos.. unless it’s a self exclusion I’m not sure if there’s an actual law

Not sure if this helps at all but just an insight xx

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