Resolved: Grosvenor casino does not pay and suspends account without warning


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Aug 21, 2019
Grosvenor casino does not pay and suspends account without warning. I had only read good reviews and was eager to start playing. My account was proven to be no problem.I asked for a £ 250 withdrawal.First I was unpleasantly surprised that I could not withdraw with the method I deposited-debit Mastercard .OK, I have bank accounts with 2 other UK banks that have VISA .After 2 days pending I received a REQUEST request for proof of address. I sent a bank statement by January 14, 2020. What was my surprise when I received the following email-Dear Dimitar

Thank you your email

However we like to request a proof of address dated after 14/01/2020 to confirm you still reside at the property on your account. In the meantime, they had returned the money to my account AGAIN for the game.Ok, I sent a bank statement by January 27, 2020 from ......NATWEST bank where my names and address are clearly visible again.When I tried to log in to my account yesterday, I understand that it was suspended ?? !!!I was shocked.Today I sent them the following email-

Verification ([email protected])
Sorry, you suspended my account. I sent you what you want from me. I hope your casino does not have a policy for the player to just deposit, and when he / she requests withdrawal you will close his / her account..I have lived at this address for 5 years and have been on the electoral rolls. I am very surprised at your attitude towards me. Why did I NOT open my account again after sending you a bank statement by January 27th?You have something to meet NATWEST BANK? WHAT HAPPENS TO THIS CASINO? A Problem For 250 Pounds Withdrawal? And Too Long To Wait? Has Anyone Had Such A Problem, Please?
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