[RESOLVED] casino rewards 11 days and counting for payment


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Sorry all dont know if its in the right thread but got to vent my im not angry you know the score somewhere thanks casino meister bye.

Please wait for an operator to respond.

You are now chatting with Elli.

Elli: Welcome to the CR Helpdesk Live Chat service. How can I help you?

Timothy : Hi i have not been paid my last withdrawl

Timothy : and i put it in on the 20th off december

Timothy : 11 days now

Elli: Can you please confirm your Casino account number for me?

Timothy : blank

Elli: Thank you.

Elli: Please hold for a moment while I check the details in your account.

Timothy : ok

Elli: The money has been sent to your ecash account on the 27th.

Elli: Please check your account in 24 hours.

Elli: It should be in there very shortly.

Timothy : sorry i dont beleive you

Timothy : i keep getting told this

Elli: Timothy, I am telling the truth.

Timothy : 11 days it should have hit my account by now

Elli: Not 11 days.

Elli: It was sent on the 27th of December.

Timothy : yes but i put in for the withdrawl 11 days ago

Timothy : it still does not take 4 days plus 24 hours

Timothy : and 7 days before that

Timothy : casino rewards has a crappy way with dealing with customers

Timothy : especial ones who make 3-4 k deposits in two months

Elli: Pleae consider that we had a couple of public holidays, and that slowed the process down compared to normal business hours.

Timothy : it says your a 24 hour casino

Timothy : plus i had a withdrawl from casino kingdom over the holiday period in for days consider that

Timothy : four days i mean

Timothy : plus i had a withdrawl from casino kingdom over the holiday period in four days consider that

Elli: The money will arrive very shortly as it was released on the 27th.

Elli: This is all I can do for you now.

Timothy : then you did nothing

Elli: If you like I can check the echeck account number for you?

Timothy : yes go on then

Elli: Timothy, I do want to help you.

Timothy : then check it

Elli: Well, what about you give me the account number then, so I can compare it?

Timothy : ok

Timothy : for money bookers

Elli: What is the email address registered with moneybookers?

Timothy : blank@aol.com

Timothy : wish you had asked that first

Elli: Thank you.

Elli: Please hold for a moment while I check the details in your account.

Elli: That is the correct account.

Elli: $44.65 will get into that account.

Elli: And $20 into the account with which you made the initial purtchase.

Timothy : sorry but the withdrawl was 64.65

Timothy : dont know where your get the $$ers from

Timothy : just gets worser

Timothy : my account currency is uk pounds

Timothy : are we on the same page yet

Timothy : no speaky

Timothy : you can at least say you need a moment

Timothy : to sort the mess out

Elli: And I explained how the money is split up in 2 different payments.

Elli: Sorry, then Pounds.

Elli: I have given you the information you asked me for.

Elli: Do you have any further questions?

Timothy : yes

Timothy : can you at least reconize that 11 days for a payment is a joke.

Timothy : yes or no answer please

Elli: I do not know the exact reasons why it took so long, and I also don't understand why you need to get angry at me.

Elli: As I said, I am trying to help.

Timothy : am i angry ?

Timothy : see that i only contacted live chat on the 11th day is pritty patient

Timothy : off me

Timothy : but now i feel like a banana

Timothy : thanks to casino rewards

Timothy : go on end it

Timothy : you may aswell

Timothy : comunication broke down a long time ago

Elli: Do you have any further questions?

Timothy : yes

Timothy : am i the only one

Elli: Which one?

Elli: The only one..?

Timothy : yes am i

Elli: Could you please ask in a different way?

Elli: I don't understand your question.

Timothy : is it just me

Elli: Now, if you don't have any further questions, I wish you a Happy New Year.

Elli: :)

Elli: Thank you for chatting with us.

Elli: Goodbye

Chat session has been ended by the site operator.


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Of course you are not the only one mate. I initiated a withdrawal on the 22nd, was told it had been processed on the 27th but there is still no money in my moneybookers account. Normally, when a casino sends confirmation that the withdrawal has been processed the money is there almost instantly.

The e-mail they sent me did say, though, that it would take 1-2 days for delivery and even if I take these as working days, I should receive the funds latest today.


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Hi chuchu i got sent a reply to a email saying that two days latest from now the two days were up sent anouther email got the exact same message again wated two days sent a third got no reply.

Had a crappy night off gaming too lost my stack at rival big time then again at 3dice 50 cent bet king tut $250 no free spins jeez just wanted to see em even on a skank my mind would be at rest with my stack god bless you last gambling stack off the 07 may you rest in peace :nod::Angel:


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Whoa! Such similarities. Lost a bit at a Rival casino and about $200 at various MGs during the holidays. There are difficulties in me depositing so I waited eagerly for the funds from Aztec Riches (casino rewards) Mind you, if my computer was able to show unblurred images of 3 Dice games, I would have played there too.


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hei chuchu if you playd king tut and kept it on auto play at turbo it would be all one big blur go on trip that slot out dude. :yahoo:


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Complaints concerning Casino Rewards is a special case: as a first step you need to contact Tex Rees, the eCOGRA rep, via
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. We can only get involved once Tex has seen and responded to the issue.

LATER: I have emailed Tex to let her know about this issue and that you'll be contacting her directly.
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Actually, I dont really mind a couple of days delay in getting payment but the stalling tactics used by this Group in delaying payments is ludicrous. With other MG casinos like Roxy Palace, they may hold your withrawal for 48 hours but once that period is over they pay within several hours. If the reversible period is 72 hours or even 96 hours, just say so and the players can decide for themselves whether they should play. A 48-hour reversible period followed by a confirmation that your cashout has been processed and then another wait for several days (even longer if there are public holidays) just isnt reasonable.

The cashout at Golden Tiger hit my account in 3 days but the one at Zodiac took more than a week and now this. Eventually, they do pay but why take so long?

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Well well well...its like an error in the matrix. The same (sort of) happened to me.
When the casino is so strikt and absolutely with their T&C`s, and payment blahblah, and security checks..THEN I as a customer have the right and the privilege to be paid as in the T&C`s, which is like a bible, as mentioned. OTHERWISE...if there are holidays...I want to informed that there is a public holiday and the payments delay for about XXX days.
THATS the way to deal with customers.

the funny thing is...every time when this happens. It really first starts when YOU as a customer starts to write or chat. They would let uninformed about the payment. "Sale and forget".

Wow...strange, how many times I throw in my 2 cents. There must be a nest of them:p


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Hi maxd i didnt realy mind the wait either as i kinda new that they would pay.

But i still have not been paid how about you chuchu ?

Maybe a complaint would be a good thing as i have not done this before and it would make me more comfortable with this procedure.

But is the hassle worth it all there gonna say to tess is its a holiday period end off.

But still the post was me bitching i need to do it somewhere and other members to c how they treat players is a good thing theres just to many other micros to game at.

I think i will do the complaint later when all things are done now that all things are said. :)


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Nope. It's now been more than 3 working days by now. But then they sent me a $20 player retention bonus. Was that a coincidence.


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It is done.

Hi just to let you know i just sent my complaint to ecogra, 15 days at a micro just sucks, How dare they, Now time for tea. ;)


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Meanwhile, I have just received my cashin and it is now in my moneybookers account.


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What to do ?

Hi again so now that i have been paid do i email ecogra and take the complaint back not to waste there time or let it stand.


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I can speak for Neteller, and when a withdrawal is "processed", it is in the player's Neteller account in SECONDS. Neteller does NOT have ANY "1 - 2 business days" wait between the payment from the merchant account of the casino and the receiving account. I expect Moneybookers works on the same principle.

Delays are caused when casinos say the withdrawal has "been processed" when in fact it has not. Often they have merely sent it to their accounts department for processing, but tell the player it has been processed. They quote this "1 to 2 day" delay to cover up this lag between "sent for processing", and the accounts department actually making the request to process through the merchant Neteller (or Moneybookers) account.

Each day of public holiday should add 1 day of extra delay to payment. One problem is that the process may not be automatic, and the 48 hour MG reversal period is NOT honoured unless hour 49 is a working day. If reversal expires on a holiday (or weekend) the withdrawal sits in limbo, only being passed to accounts on the next working day. At Christmas, this can mean the new year holiday then delays the withdrawal further because it was not passed quickly enough during the three working day window between Christmas and New year. The likely result is that these withdrawals were probably only processed from the 2nd Jan onwards, despite being submitted just before Christmas. A withdrawal on the 22nd December would hit this "double whammy", as the 48 hour reverse period would expire on Christmas Day, which leaves the three working day window straddling the following weekend (assuming no extra days were taken as holiday, as it's Summer in Australia). Normal service only resumes from the 2nd Jan onward.
I withdrew from Zodiac on the 6th, and was paid on the 9th, as would be expected from a 48 hour pending period plus one working day to process.