[RESOLVED] 3dice customer service issues

Enzo - a casino operator that actually UNDERSTANDS how "house edge" and "turnover" operates, and does not seem to assume a winning player who turns over $x is of less valuse than a losing player turning over the same $x.

Pity Grand Prive and Roxy group do not share this view, and ban winners from promotions irrespective of turnover.

The breakdown of costs is also very revealing. Although deposits cost the same to process, this is often not revealed in casino promotions. For example, casinos may offer 15% bonus for, say, Neteller deposits, yet nothing for VISA. This makes players believe that VISA is far more expensive for the casino than Neteller, which Enzo says is not so. For withdrawals, Click2Pay are a shocking rip-off (I knew that anyway, after they tried to screw me out of 55 in charges by manipulating the way transactions were carried out, turning pounds into dollars, and then back into pounds, while I was depositing POUNDS from my card, through Click2Pay, into a casino account also IN POUNDS).
Clearly, Moneybookers is the best of the three eWallets when it comes to processing, as the charge for withdrawals is only a quarter that of Neteller.
Neteller is second, with Click2Pay far behind when it comes to players who withdraw regularly.

OTHER casinos would do well to change their attitude towards players who attempt to save casino's costs by reversing a stack of smaller withdrawals in order to make it process as one bigger withdrawal by then withdrawing the whole amount reversed again. Sadly, this is often classed as "promotional abuse, manipulation, etc", and players are pretty much told it is not their business to save the costs of the casino, and they should have left their withdrawals as they were. Winward casino actually used this EXACT excuse to deny payment to a player who had kept their balance down by withdrawing after a winning streak. This left them with a stack of small withdrawals, so they reversed the lot, and then made one big withdrawal for the whole amount, and Winward confiscated the lot because they did this.
When I played there, I let small withdrawals stand, I did NOT reverse and consolidate, and guess what - I GOT PAID, even though it cost them more.

If 3Dice do not want to go down the route of charging players, one other option is setting limits to the throughput, and opening the safe service to any that are interested (on a case by case basis). In order to avoid the danger of appearing to want to hold on to winnings, these should be DEPOSIT limits, not WITHDRAWAL limits. This means that players CAN withdraw, but if they have reached the limit for the week they cannot then redeposit straight away from that paid withdrawal, This is where the safe comes in. In the ablve example, if the player wins, say, $1000, but regularly deposits $300 over a week at 3x $100, they could withdraw $700, and place $300 in their safe for the following week's play. This helps by making the $700 unavailabe for "chasing" if the player loses the $300 in the safe, until they run into a new week and get a new limit set.
Limits can be set individually for players, depending on their style of play, and consideration of responsible gambling criteria. New players should start with a minimum limit, that should be increased if they request it. The limits should NOT be increased UNLESS the player asks for it, although the player can be told the option to do this has been made available to them. This again encourages responsible gambling, more so than casinos that see a player deposit a small fortune, and then tell them their limits have been vastly increased so that they might deposit (and hopefully lose) a LARGE fortune the next time.
I understand where you coming from MarkJacob, I do the same thing. I think what they mean is (because I do this) when you do a bunch of small cashouts instead of waiting till it gets bigger, it costs more money to keep doing it. Ive been told the same thing before because I do a bunch of $50 ones . I think the problem is (well they solved it now with parking) that 3 dice approve the requests so fast there is no time to alter it.....ie...at an RTG, I w/d everytime I get to $50 with $20 left over (actually $70 ) and everytime I win another $50, I cancel my w/d request and immediatley add the new $50 to make it a $100 and so on BUT 3 dice is too fast lol.

I think parking it will be a great advantage, they really dont have the "maybe theyll cancel and lose it" mentality. I am not defending them, Im just giving a different outlook on the situation. I should show you my w/d requests at Inet over the weekend, I cancelled and added to it atleast 6 times. I really thought I was going to get an email saying "WTF are you doing?" lol

I hope you can sort this out.

Hmm 3Dice paid me always on time via MoneyBookers.:lolup:

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