Resolution to Choice Poker Ordeal


Aug 3, 2002
Las Vegas
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To refresh Choice turned out to be a scam and the operators appear to have run off with all the money about 6 months ago. Some people owed money got this email. If you are owed money and did not get this email I would email and and see what the deal is.

BIG thumbs up to ACR and Betcris for helping to resolve this, of course this is worse then just being able to cash out this money but better then what it has seemed for months that this was never going to happen, remember ACR had nothing to do with this and no obligation to help.

Once it appears this has actually happened and no issues I will take down
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We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your patience and understanding while we searched for a solution to get Choice Poker back into action.

Over the past few weeks we have held discussions with our oldest client that runs ACR network of poker rooms. We are pleased to announce that they have agreed to accept Choice Poker on their network and assume all the liabilities for Choice Poker, including the current credit balances of players such as yourself. Last week we have completed integration of Choice Poker onto the ACR network. We are pleased to announce that Choice poker is back in action and we are looking forward to seeing you at the tables.

Although we apologize for the length of time it has taken to organize a final compensation package, please understand that the extra time was necessary to ensure that your interests and your current balance are fully protected.

>From this point onward Choice Poker will continue operation as an independent poker room that will be linked into the ACR network. All payment processing and cash-outs will be underwritten by ACR and BetCRIS. BetCRIS is the sports book behind ACR. BetCRIS is one of the largest, oldest, and most reputable offshore sports books. This new arrangement also means that you will be able to play in BetCris's sports-book and casino.

Once the integration is complete you will be able to enter Choice Poker the same way as you are doing now. Simply click on the desktop icon, wait for the software to update, and the card-room lobby will appear. You will not notice any changes and you will not need to do anything differently to continue playing with Choice Poker. The only difference will be that now you will have hundreds of players to play with instead of the few that Choice Poker had before.

As part of the rescue package we have agreed that as soon as Choice Poker is re-opened on the ACR network, Choice Poker players with a current credit balance will have their credit balance restored in full and available for play as soon as we re-open.

During this transition period Choice Poker players will be required to play "x" number of hands (on 1-2 games or higher) equivalent to their current credit balance before cashing out their credit balance. For example, if a Choice Poker player's current credit balance is $100, then that player will be required to play 100 hands on 1-2 games or higher before qualifying to cash-out of 100% of their credit balance.

However, Choice Poker will allow all players to cash-out 50% of their credit balance upon achieving 50% of the required play as explained above. For example, if a Choice Poker player's current credit balance is $100, then that player will be required to play 50 hands on 1-2 games or higher before qualifying for cash-out of 50% of their credit balance.

In addition, Choice Poker wishes to compensate their valued players for being patient and understanding. Accordingly, all Choice Poker players that have had account balances since April 1st. will receive a "We're Sorry" promo bucks bonus equivalent to 25% of their credit balance on April 1st. 2004.

And finally, to "Cap it" all off, all players that remain loyal to Choice and continue playing until December 31st. 2004, will further receive a 50% "rake rebate" for the previous 3 month period of play. This is in addition to any bonuses, comps or promotional money that you may receive or subscribe to during this period.

In closing we would like to thank Americas Cardroom and BetCRIS management for this generous offer and we hope that all of you will remain loyal to Choice Poker.

Have a Lucky Day!


The Management of;
Choice Poker, and
DobroSoft, Ltd. (Software Provider to Choice Poker)

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