Requesting slots stats


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Mar 4, 2007
Hi All,

Just a quick question here,

I have asked for my slots play stats since Ive been at a certain casino, I have only been a member there a little under a year and I have emailed them asking for this and I got a reply saying- for the kind of request I'am asking for I need to submit an actual letter (not an email) and send it to them via post??

Has anyone ever heard of this?

Is it not hard to just supply this information, what is the difference between an email or a post letter sent?

kind of feel I'am getting the run around.

The thing is I know it is going to be VERY LOW. under the 70% mark im sure.

have put in well over $800-$1000 over the months and have hit a 100X bet twice. the rest of the time it eats my money at a fast pace.

Just asking for thoughts and opinions please.




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May 4, 2006
Never heard of anything similar, certainly sounds like you are getting the run around. If you dont want to mention the casino, could you tell which software?

Usually they have to request the info from the software providers (MG, RTG) and that can take months (at least for MGs).


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Jul 23, 2006
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This is odd behaviour and I know the Playtech software allows for very detailed play stats that can be accessed either from a game or from your account in the cashier when enabled.

At Genting, for example, I can see every slot I have I played in a list, total games played, total wager, total return, profit/loss.
The only restriction on information is that it only goes back 60 days but it is the most detailed play history available on the net.
The software still suffers from the same "idiosyncrasies" as other software but I feel much more comfortable about getting a fair return there and thus far my figures bare this out.

So firstly they have neglected to enable these options and secondly they are being difficult in providing your audit.
I would push ahead with your request and then name and shame if you feel so inclined.