reputable Java casinos?


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I am pretty new here and even though I'm sure this question has been asked a million times I haven't seen it yet.
I am in a horrible situation: the only computers that I have regular access to are Emac's. What is even worse is that they are work computers and my boss has the hard drives configured so that we cannot update to Flash 7. I can download nothing onto these computers, nor can I play any of the Flash casinos! This is how I came to play at Slotland; theirs is the easiest and most dependable format for me to play on my computers. Unfortunately, some other developments during my play there have caused me to seek adventure elsewhere.
I am looking for tips on the best Java or non-Flash instaplay casinos out there. The Aceclub group has great games and graphics but they crash on me every 5 to 10 minutes. Intercasino's games are OK, but I can't get any response from their support, so I am reticent to give them money. Cherry casino has pretty good ease of use. Are there any others out there that I could be turned on to given my horrible restrictions?

Thank you in advance, Jamie :)


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jamiester said:
What is even worse is that they are work computers and my boss has the hard drives configured so that we cannot update to Flash 7. I can download nothing onto these computers, nor can I play any of the Flash casinos!
I'm not surprised the boss did that! If I ran a business, I wouldn't want my employees gambling when they're supposed to be working either!
Do yourself a favour, give up gambling for a month, then buy yourself a proper PC for home with the money you've saved! ;)


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If I had any responsibilities....

at work, I could see your point. But I am overnight dispatcher and my total responsibilities take about 1 to 1.5 hours out of my 9.5 hour shift!! I would go crazy (or have to read books) if we didn't have the internet, DVD player and stereo. I've already seen just about every movie that exists on DVD, entering bills on WG? only takes so much time, and then there's gambling ;)
For reasons besides these that I won't get into, I will not be owning a PC any time soon. Given the limitations, are there NO other recommendations besides the ones I mentioned? BTW, Intercasino is no good for no-download. I could play their practice games alright but once I deposited money, I couldn't play! Nothing but bad news everytime I deal with Intercasino :(


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Java Casino

I am glad your not my employee. But here the ones I would try,
Some MG such as vegas towers and havana also have instant play that should work.

Good Luck,



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buck said:
I am glad your not my employee.
You are just jealous you don't have my "job". What should I do, create responsibilities that don't exist? Or pretend to work? Or maybe get a job that I am not overqualified for? (OK maybe that last one...)
Besides that dumb statement, Thank you very much for the info; there are some on there that I haven't seen yet :thumbsup:


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Come on guys. Most of the casinos mentioned are flash casinos. As I understand it Jamiester is not interested in flash casinos but java casinos.

All these are flash:

32Red's No download
Get Minted
Hard Rock
Lasseters (flash and shockwave)
vegas towers

The only java casinos I know of is the Net Entertainment ones and Slotland. I'd keep away from Slotland though as the software isn't fair.


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Aleksandr Lis said:
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has java games (for fun and for real modes). Though this is Cryptologic casino. So the games should be similar to Intercasino's games I think.
Nice affiliate link there. :rolleyes:


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Thank you, everyone!

Well, after the first 24 hours of no replies and then comments on my work habits, I didn't think this thread will go anywhere! But thanks for all the tips and I am happy to use affiliate links to go to the casinos I haven't seen ;)
I've played at Virgin before, I don't think they use flash as I have been able to play them from the library (when I'm not "working") and the library doesn't allow flash games. However, Virgin doesn't allow Yanks and for some reason the games don't work on my "work" computer even though they aren't flash. Oddly, I went to Hard Rock, as per CasinoKing's reccomendation and, even though the games are the same as Virgin's, the games DID work on my computer, but only for play money. The site said I needed Flash 7 to play for money, which is too bad because i was up to 6000 units from 2000 units in about 40 minutes doing 45 bets :eek2:
Also, just to break to my heart, Cherry casino came out with a 9 reel, 8 line slot, which I love, but, unlike all their other games, they made this one on Flash! :(
Thanks again for the info and I will check them out.

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