Bogus Complaint Reported as having a "Gambling Problem"


Dormant account
Feb 1, 2007
I went to log into my account at Villento and to my suprise, I was locked out. I went to Live help to ask why. They said that in January of 2010, a casino reported that I admitted to having a "Gambling Problem". :mad: This is the BIGGEST Line of Bullshit I have ever heard! I NEVER said that to ANY CASINO!!! How does shit like this happen? How do I get my name off the List? How unfair is it that someone can do this to you, and totally fuck up your casino life for 6 months without 1 grain of evidence. They should have to have an email sent from you or something to prove what they say! I guarantee they have nothing, cause I would never say anything like that! If anyone reading this can help me, please let me know. Thanks. . .