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Mar 7, 2003
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Below is the link to the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the National White Collar Crime Center. It's where you can file complaints against a person and/or business for Internet Fraud.

Not knowing if an online casino and/or a money processing company debiting your bank account constitutes Internet Fraud ---which is what has happened to me---, I've sent an email asking, waiting for reply. Or, if not paying a player their winnings would also be in that category.

Anyway, here is the link, for those of you who wants to check it out:: Link Removed ( Old/Invalid)
actually it isn't a waste of time, at least not in my opinion.
Been there dont that , last year even called the FBI in my area on phone and had a conversation regarding a hacker breaching sucrity at PayPal hitting my bank accoutn and credit card for almost 4k and they did it 2 times in a 2 week period when paypal was suppost to have my account locked down .

I was told that the FBI dont do nothing if the theift is under 100k
They told me to get ahold of my local police dept .. I just laughed

If you get ripped off best thing to do in most cases to go to bank close account cancel credit cards and ask to speak to presadent of bank, in my case he was able to grab the money back from paypal that was going to the hacker, so paypal was left with the problem not me.

Not bad casidering paypal dont answer most emails back then. I even had a statement noterized by bank and they still could not get it together.

FBI on internet fraud and theif is a joke ,, only good if over 100k ..
I didn't give personal information, but have talked with them, and they are very interested in checking out the unauthorized debits against my mastercard bankcard.

They said they are looking for/into any suspicious activities on racketeering, money laundering and terrorism support and my situation does raise the red flag to that.
Told them I'd get back in touch with them.

My theft amount is approx. 1100 or 1300, without getting out papers and looking, can't remember exactly.

But as you said, I went to my bank first, and the Fraud Division is handling it right now. Already received some of the money back, still waiting to see about rest.

When bank investigation and recovery has done their job, I may still call the FBI back and if still truly interested, one casino and two money processing companies name and info will be given to them.
You are really goiing to trust the fbi? Wow jinnia you have more faith than I will ever have. They don't care about your money not to mention are not really supposed to wager online anyways.THey won't help u now the fraud dept. at the bank may do so.
Gee rainman, old news here.

Missouri is one State who likes controlling everything and everybody who lives there. And they are one State that's working against online gaming.

But I made contact with a Professor of Law that specializes in the online gaming laws, and he said I .... going to remove all personal info, but this is what the Professor said::

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You must contact an attorney immediately; you do have legal rights which will be lost if you do not act within the statute of limitations.
You should ask your lawyer about contacting the Mo. Attorney General's office. The A.G. probably will not care about your "crime," but should be willing to go after the casino operator.

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So, I've been searching for Attornies, found one in California who has actually filed charges and won against online casinos. But still looking for one closer to home.

When the contract 'They' drew up and sent for me to sign, was denied due to some changes I made to it, I knew I would not see anything positive happening from their end.

If I end up paying a fine, do a little time, So Be It!! Look at what all this just may do to 'this' casino.

Public awareness State to State, if all ... blah blah blah .. won't go into details of it here.

The AG of Missouri is VERY interested in this.
I would like to know if anyone could recomend a attorney that deals with online gambling casinos.The casino is located in Belize.I need some legal advice on a complaint.If you can help please click on my user name and send me a private message thanks.

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