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Oct 15, 2004
Toronto, Ontario - Canada
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Sent: Saturday, January 20, 2007 11:32 AM
Subject: RE: US Players

Dear Lisa,

Hope you are doing well.

Kindly be advised that for the time being, we will not be accepting new clients that are based in the US. We will however, still be providing our services to our existing clients.

Should you require any further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Please note: We now have a new website which you can view at: Link Removed ( Old/Invalid)

Please continue to use this new website for all your PaySpark requirements.

Kind Regards

Shaun MacDonald
Online Relationship Consultant

CSC24Seven contact details:

Fax:1-888-840-1358 (Toll free, USA only)

or +27 21 528 4753 (International)

So, if any of you have cashouts pending, and have an existing Payspark account, try that as a withdrawal method. And I guess this answers the question about new signups as well.
This is sort of interesting. I just happened to notice at the bottom of the email I received, a disclaimer from I don't remember seeing this before on my Payspark emails, although I did go back and check and found one from November that carried the same message.

Payspark/CSC bank has always been based in Beirut (Lebanon Gulf Bank), and as some people have commented, the ATM cards seem to be issued by MetaBank (US based). So I got curious, and went to check out It seems they are a UK based entity, and handle payment processing for Ladbroke's among others. A quick perusal of the website also showed that they are the ones responsible for the UKash vouchers that have been discussed on here before.

So now I'm wondering if perhaps Payspark, to go along with their new name of EZIPay, are changing their base of operations to the UK, who will soon be regulated? Maybe this holds out some hope for the future as far as payment processors go? Don't get too excited, this is pure speculation on my part, nothing more. Maybe Jet or Spear or Bryan...or someone, has some more info on this?

Maybe EZIPay will attend ICEi - this should provide an opportunity early in February for some concrete information about EZIPay. Moving to a UK base will remove any chance of the US claiming "terrorism" as a reason for outlawing them, and the fact they are accepted here as UKash may mean they could bring together the services.
One thing UKash does not yet do is sell the vouchers over the internet via debit card. While this would make little difference to the intended customers, it would open the possibility for US players to buy a UKash voucher online from their living rooms, it is not the actual bit of printed paper you need, it is the voucher code, which could be communicated by secure E-mail, or even posted by snailmail (although the US DoJ may open it:mad: )
Using UKash this way would be legal here, and our laws may not require the blocking of specific countries, as this might contravene the WTO who have ruled against the US in a previous case related to blocking trade between the US player and online casino sites. In order to comply with this WTO ruling, the US would have to specifically ban online casino games, (none of this wooly "Safe Ports" nonsense), or allow regulation to take place and issue licenses to applicants based on their probity and funding.

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