Rep Points Gone?


May 17, 2006
Something has changed since least it has for me!
When browsing the forum i cannot see how many Rep points posters have, this would not be a big deal apart from the fact i have patiently been waiting to hit 50 so i can post the URL of my new site in my signature.
As a side note the " thanks " box under the posts are shorter than they were,if that is connected?
Has anyone else experienced this?.... i hope it is not my PC ( we do not always see eye to eye :D )

You said " its not your pc ".... do i assume that you can not see the rep points anymore either?
I can see mine when i click the scales, but not anyone else unless i give them points.... feel free to try on mine:D

Actually what's going on is that I upgraded the forum software to the latest version Friday afternoon. I hit a couple of bumps along the way and one of them is the rep points not showing up. This is actually a plugin that I won't have time until tomorrow to re-install. So until then, you'll have to wait - sorry :D
Everything is back in order - pretty much so. :D

I haven't fixed the "Thanks" box yet though. All in good time...

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