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Mar 13, 2008
Let me start with I am an Inetbet player, and have been happy enough to continue to be one.

I've had delays from time to time in responses, and I think most of the threads complaining about them usually involve some difficulties with the email only support.

This weekend I wanted to play there, but I had a question I needed an answer to before depositing. Since I wanted to play, I didn't wait all that long for a response, but I did wait 1/2 hour, and I know I checked after an hour and hadn't received a response.

The next day, I did have an answer to my question, but by then I'd spent my funds elsewhere. I thanked Inetbet for their response, but said I'd deposited elsewhere, but the info would be useful in the future.

I'm not sure just how many hours it took for this response... there's a difference in time zones and time stamps that show they responded before my orignal email, but I did get an answer in under 12 hours.

Their reply to my reply was that my original question got sent to spam, hence the delay.

Well, I guess like the rest of us they do get spam, and like most of us try to trawl through it to see if any dolphins are in the net. How often or how thoroughly Inetbet manages this, I don't know.

But I do know they have a large player base, and support is not going to recognize all player email addresses. I'm able to add addresses to safe sender lists, I would think that Inetbet could use it's registered user addresses to compile a base of such safe senders.

Not all players belong to CM or Facebook to access Inetbet by alternate means when their email only support fails.

While I don't regard Friday night's hiccup a total failure, Inetbet did lose out on my deposit that night.

So it's not only players that get the short end of the stick with this lack of timely response.

I've started this thread, and I'd please please like everyone to stick to the support issue alone. I've started this thread, and I respect Emily, and I'll be quick to ask a mod to close it if it strays off topic.

I think improvements to support will benefit both Inetbet and its players.


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Mar 6, 2007
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I love iNetBet and do not have problems with them or their e-mail support. It has become clearer and clearer that the biggest issue for them is lack of other support methods. It would seem that they need to finally address this issue, to keep their players happy and possibly attract new players. I do understand their public reasoning, but it seems to me they ought to just bite the bullet and add more support. It is their call, as always, but it sounds like a good business decision to implement live chat and/or phone support, 24/7.


Oct 26, 2008
i play inetbet and im happy with there cash outs there game play like its not a bummer straight down the drain with my $$$
across the board

so im thinking they have a[ r t p] setting favorable to players , im wondering if we impose more over head on them by asking them to beef up /add more hours/workers to there staff if it would cut into our the players return on deposites ??


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Sep 26, 2004
Well, the one thing with them is they dont try hard enough even when its obvious a problem exists. Within the casino lobby the promotions are completely outdated. I recall sending them an email sometime in early September telling them the codes were valid till 29 July. They acknowledged this yet nothing was changed when I logged in nearly a week later. Instead of trying to improve its services the casino stops dead in its tracks and argues whenever customers express dissatisfaction. Only organisations that heed customers' advice can improve and grow.


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Jan 17, 2011

Most definalty InetBet needs to seriously overhaul the level of support they offer but in all honesty I dont have much faiththey will listen after 10 yrs of not so far. They need a active phone line and they need live support period!

In this day and age of online gaming they need to step up to the plate and show players they havethe respect needed to provide a higher level of support. This includes adding instant cashouts to the fold as it would go along way to an overall improvement of a brand I believe is becoming stale.

Sorry Emily, I know Inetbet is your casino and I suspect your part of the ownership but you guys need a serious overhaul and it is long overdo. Hopefully you listen to us players.



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Oct 14, 2004
United Kingdom
The one thing to emerge in this thread that would make a difference is the fact of the OP not getting a reply in time because a straight forward question emailed to iNetBet was summarily dumped into their spam folder. This shouldn't happen, but I have seen this explanation for non-reply by iNetBet given a number of times.

The most important improvement they can make to the current support options is to ensure that emails from their registered players can NEVER be thrown into the spam folder. This should be easy to implement by whitelisting the registered email addresses of all their players with the spam filter.

For diagnostic purposes, they should investigate WHY emails from players are ending up in the spam folder, and produce a simple guide for players as to how their emails should be constructed, as well as things they should NOT do, in order to ensure they get through.

The online support form is an obvious back-up solution for players to use to chase up an expected reply, and perhaps it should be made more obvious so that players know it is there.

The other improvement, mentioned already, is to generate an autoreceipt for all emails that get through to the support queue, giving players proof that their email has been received, and will be dealt with in turn (rather than getting caught by spam filters, or not turning up at all).

The document process can be improved by having a separate email address for sending large attachments so that such large files do not clog up the general support email system. This too should generate an autoreceipt so that players have proof their documents have arrived, and will be dealt with.

iNetBet should also chase up expected replies from players, as it seems players also don't get some emails from the casino.

An FAQ item should address the issue of known troublesome email providers that have a history of "losing" emails between players and casinos, and advise players that problems are likely, and that they should consider opening a more reliable email account for their dealings with casinos. This advice already exists in the FAQ section for the PAB process.


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Jun 20, 2001
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Auto- receipt is a good idea and would negate the arguments over whether something was received.

I think a tollfree number for verification/technical issues only would also solve some problems, however you can bet that there will always be players who will harass them for bonuses etc.

Also, I think live chat is absolutely VITAL.......

..........sorry couldn't resist. :D . It's not necessary at all if the email/phone can be sorted.


Game old gal
Mar 13, 2008
There's a "Message Centre" within the casino software... it might be useful if players could send mail and receive replies there as well as using email support.

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