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Nov 25, 2003
Hello Gang,

I'm new here., Wondering if the casinos listed under "REPUTABLE CASINOS" are good/safe places to play blackjack.

and i want to know if i need a place like teteller to handle my funding or is it ok to just use my check card to fund and cashout.

by the way (thanks J) you know who you are
Definitely all the casinos listed here are quality and you should not run into any problems. Even so, if you do incur a problem you always have the meister to turn too as he will fully back any casino he advertises as long as no player fraud is involved. As far as Neteller, I definitely recommend them. It is by far the easiest and most efficient way to transfer funds to and from casinos. They are very safe and secure and you can do direct withdraws from your Neteller account to your bank account.
How about paypal? i do have on of those accounts, do the casinos accept paypal?

Whats the drawback to just funding with my check card?
Hi Joe,
Paypal no longer funds casinos.
I've used them for over a year and have NEVER had a single problem.
If you have ANY questions email
and he will assure you of their honesty and integrity.
And you can tell him I told you to get in contact with him. :proud:
Joedog, Lanidar is spot on with regards Neteller.
For fast, fair and ethical treatment you simply cannot go wrong with Neteller. Welcome to the forums. Have a good one.

oh really well what about black widow? You think admin will reimburse people cheated there? doubt it.

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