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Mar 23, 2005
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Howdy Y'all -

Im not in the habit of flaming or bashing poker rooms so please don't misunderstand my intent. I simply feel all players should be made aware of such incidents and choose their preferred playing sites based on all available information. I doubt many of you know me as I don't often post but the poker players here may have seen me in various tourneys - mostly freerolls. Anyway, I wanted to spread the word about what Poker Host did to a fellow player that goes by the alias of CasinoKim in the subject tourney.

Kim placed second and the posted payouts in the tourney lobby indicated second would win about $1680 and third about $1100. The way I understand it, they didn't get the prize money they anticipated from entries and/or rebuys but had initially intended to send the winner to the Reno tourney. Apparently, when the target amount for the tourney is not met the software automatically divides the prize money amongst the top three finishers. However, one of PH's managers has stated that this was a "guaranteed" event so the posted amounts were incorrect. Still, after the tourney the money was deposited to her account and they later withdrew it. This manager, Manfred, further stated that there was also a pop-up or "envelope" posted during the tourney explaining that the posted payouts were incorrect and it was to be "winner take all". So PH added the $500 or so that they were short and are now advertising how the winner will be sent to Reno. Kim claims she never saw the posted change during the tourney and we have screen shots of the lobby showing the posted payouts to the three places. I dont know if the manger is being totally honest nor do I know for sure that Kim didnt see the posted change to the payouts. However, in my opinion (and many others) that doesnt really matter.

These are the facts as I see them. Those pop-ups or "envelopes" are common and 95% of the time they are ads for other tourneys and I, and many others I'm sure, don't pay much attention to them. Also, no where was it previously stated that this was a "guaranteed" event. Besides, they can't change the rules once the tourney has started anyway. So what if the posted payouts were incorrect? They were posted by PH and thus PH's responsibility. Also, they initially credited the money to her account and then withdrew it. Now if they need to fix their software then so be it but that's not Kim's fault and lies squarely in the lap of PH. They haven't got a leg to stand on and most of the many forums discussing this situation have already pulled the PH banner ads and withdrawn any support they ever had for them.

This is an interesting situation and its generated a considerable amount of discussion. Bluff magazine is involved as is Casinomeister and many others. If any of you are familiar with Poker Analysis I urge you to go there and read what is currently an eleven page thread regarding the matter. You can find it in the forum area titled The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly and the thread is called Read This Nightmare Poker Host and was started by CasinoKim. Proof of the situation and all of the facts including screen prints are in that thread. I for one, have withdrawn my cash from PH and don't intend to deposit there again.

Thanks for your time and good luck players!

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