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Jan 13, 2005
Vancouver Island
I deposited $25 at a reputable casino this morning but noticed they added a bonus to it. I emailed and requested them to remove it and it was done.
I played a while and decided to cashout $60 as I was starting to go downhill. When I accessed the withdrawal portion of the Cashier, it stated I had not met wagering requirements and the bonus will be removed from my account if I transfer funds. Of course it was removed before I started playing.
Upon emailing support, I was informed I had been removed from the bonus system and could cashout.
Well, I still couldn't (hadn't wagered enough) so I emailed again and was told the problem would be sent to the technical department.
I don't mind waiting, but is this a major problem or are they prolonging it so I play more?
Much depends on what casino this was in regard to whether this is BS or a genuine techie glitch. But if it is the latter I would not have thought it would take long to sort out.

I would suggest you give them another 24 hours max and then try escalating the complaint to someone with a little more sense and discretion than a Support rep - a supervisor or better still a manager.

If that doesn't work then Pitch A Bitch and I'm sure Bryan can sort it for you. If it's an eCOGRA casino you can contact the Fair Gaming Advocate there if you have followed the above steps. If it is an RTG-powered casino you can lodge a complaint at Montana. The web addresses are all on Casinomeister's Pitch A Bitch page.
Thanks for your suggestion jetset. I emailed Technical support last night and they couldn't figure out why I was still getting the wagering message and told me to try refreshing the screen.
Well, this morning when I turned on the computer and logged on at the casino the wagering message was gone and I was able to withdraw. I guess all I needed to do was reboot the computer!
I also frequently refuse bonuses and this happens all the time.

I tend to wait 24 hours after being notified that the bonus is gone before I start to play.

It is a nuisance. When will they learn and let people choose if they want a bonus or not, and inform them of the existance of wagering requirements at the same time and let people know WHERE those are?

Disclosure, People! Disclosure, choices and transparency!

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