Reloadbet/LSBET stole my money


Jan 30, 2019
Hello. I would like to tell you about my story with these thieves. I deposited 100eur and I received a 100 euros bonus. After a week or two bets, I ordered a withdrawal from the account. I was asked to scan documents and for a selfie with a document. Perhaps I unnecessarily expressed an unfavorable opinion about the practice of requesting a selfie, but eventually I made such a photo with the ID and the account with the account number and I also sent them. After a few days I received information that the company believes that my account is "duplicated" and that only my deposit will pay. Despite repeated attempts, I was not given an answer what means "duplicate", whether someone used my data for registration, whether someone verified that account with my documents or any other information. They simply stole 600 euros from me without any information or attempts to explain this situation. How can you just take someone's money? I am asking for advice and help.

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