Reload bonuses and other events for weekend of May 1st


Aug 3, 2002
Las Vegas
Absolute Poker 15% reload bonus up to $100
- 100 raked hands at $.50/$1+ to cash out
- 30 day waiting period to cash out bonus (may cash out winnings)
- valid until May 2nd 8pm ET
- bonus can be played with before "working off"

Poker Room 15% reload bonus up to $100
- 7 raked hands per $1 bonus to cash out
- Valid until May 4th

Pokerstars 20% WSOP relaod bonus up to $120
- 1 FPP point per dollar bonus
- Expires May 3rd is a new room offering 8 freerolls a day for real money prizes when the room opens for real money.

Sunday 2pm ET Poker Stars has their weekly $500 freeroll. You must qualify by winning a freeroll satellite.

Absolute Poker has a $1000 freeroll Sunday at 10 pm ET that must be qualified by placing in any tourney. They run 6-8 freeroll qualifiers every day.

Also at 6am ET Sunday there is a $50 freeroll.

There are of course WSOP qualifiers at Party, Poker stars throughout the week. Ultimate Bet has theirs on Friday nights.

Pokerworld has a WSOP freeroll for 1000 pts. Two winners go to WSOP. These tourneys have drawn only 100 people or so. The also have $3 tourneys to qualify for this as well.

Good luck!
True Poker reload 25% up to $100 bonus good through May 4th
Must play 100 raked hands per $10 bonus to clear

These bonuses can be hard to clear since you can only play 1 table at a time at True. Be prepared for this to take 15-20 hours to clear the max.

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