Relax games - true story experience with Golden Gods


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Sep 13, 2021
Alright. I did give this game a try with 1k Euros on bonus buys bet 0.30 Euros.
Oh, where to start, I did buy 50 bonuses only and reason I did stop was hitting 7889x bet on 22nd bonus buy.
To me APART from VISUAL - which I find terrible, untasty, its a great upgrade of MT2 - which I can imagine to put into MT3 easily with MT2 upgrade visuals.
I was surprised how many big symbols I was getting - maybe 100% luck, but I think I went down with one bonus buy to just like 30x bet, but on average it was 100 - 130x bet. And I've got three times 820xbet, 779xbet and 7889x bet. Then I put autospins - 1000 of them and got bonus only 2x which one paid 119xbet and second 223xbet.
So it is a bonus buy game, but to me, much better than MT2 - again apart from visuals!
I did end up in big profit, then went to MT2 to give it a try, I did buy 10 bonuses on same bet 0.30 and even tho I did lose just tiny bit of my start balance there, I didn't find it - game play and how many good symbols landing as Golden Gods.