Relationship between Futurebet iGamingSoftware, Interactive Gaming Systems, and DGN?


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Jun 11, 2006
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I'm trying to find out the relationship between Futurebet, iGamingSoftware, Interactive Gaming Systems, and Digital Gaming Network. Many of these casinos offer the same games.

The rogue section on this site states Interactive Gaming Systems purchased the source code for Futurebet a few years ago. An old news letter says the same thing about iGamingSoftware and makes reference to an incident that is also listed in the Interactive Gaming Systems rogue summary. Are these two IGS's the same group?

And how does Digital Gaming Network fit into the mix? Their website suggests they emphasize poker, rather than casinos. They seem to host casinos using the SW above, as well as poker.


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Oct 14, 2004
United Kingdom
I have seen tow other sites that claim to be "Total E-soft" and operating from Gibraltar, however the software is Futurebet. One InterX, is a sportsbook, poker, and casino, and claim to run their own processing. I managed to get an admission from them that they are indeed Futurebet - perhaps they are trying to hide their identity by calling themselves different names. It would be like an RTG casino trying to make players think the software was some other less known brand that has no adverse reputation.
The other was Casino Lobby, they are independent of InterX, but they have the nondescript support addresses of [email protected] - this is probably the giveaway if you want to know if any casino is simply a Futurebet skin, rather than an independent that uses the software.
I made small deposits at both, but ONLY because they went with GoneGambling, I would have ignored them otherwise. Both then left GoneGambling, so I have not gone back. InterX was the only one that took the time to ask me why. I would have liked to have made a cash-in to see how reliable they were.