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Dec 26, 2018
Toronto, Canada
Warning for other players: I am/was a VIP at Bitcoin Games Casino,
  • deposited big and won/withdrew big for awhile
  • but then, with 2.6btc pending in withdrawals, they suddenly closed my account claiming I “used strategies” (??!), confiscated my winning and even threatened to “go to the police” if I didn’t send back the winnings I had withdrawn.
  • Never seen anything like it.
Yes, I’ll file a PAB, and yes I reached out to @BitcoinGamesCasino via private message (note: this is the first site I found the casino active on, and a “someone will get back to you” message here was the first I’ve heard from them in 2 weeks - so maybe something will happen), but I wanted to quickly make sure others were aware because even if resolved, this has been a nightmare when it should have been the greatest/happiest win of my life.

Simple details:
  • I play a lot (slots only)
  • No “strategy”; I just bet max or close to it
  • Was on the luckiest streak of my life and loving the casino’s Btc/“no limit” withdrawals.
  • Had deposited about 3.3btc and withdrawn about 5btc
  • Won again and withdrew 2.6 over 6 different withdrawals (All pending) and had continued to deposit and play
  • Out of no where, got an email claiming I was “taking advantage” of the casino, stating they would not pay and threatening to go to the police if I didn’t return the difference of my payments/withdrawals in 48hrs. (No problem if they do - the facts will speak for themselves)

All I know is I’ve been playing online for years and this is the type of streak/wins I (we if you’re reading this) dream about the entire time. It finally happened 2 weeks ago and quickly went from a dream to a nightmare. No payments, 1 email and not a single response since then.

I honestly thought I’d be part of their marketing of a “big winner” but instead they seem to be trying to avoid paying when someone actually wins big.

Be careful, it looks great at first (and was) but I honestly have no idea what/why they are doing this.
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Dear Reggiestyles,

We have today sent a response to you via email outlining our investigation with your account activity. We would also like to clarify that you were contacted back a few times keeping you updated about the status of this case.

As explained to you, we established that a betting strategy was indeed being used and it's very clear to see looking at the results obtained. As our players know, we take security seriously and the procedures we have in place are designed to protect all our players and assure we are a safe and fun website for all our players. We are proud to offer games with large payouts, as proven by our frequent big winners, however you were not one of them.

In regards to the pending withdrawals, these were put on hold as they needed to be checked and released by an admin due to the amount and security flags on the account, this is a standard security procedure that casinos have in place.

We are a fair casino and expect the same from our players. Your account was abusing our services and, due to this gross breach of our Terms of Service, it has been blocked.

Best regards,
Firstly, thank you for responding - as this is the first response I’ve received after probably a dozen messages. Having said that, this is 100% false and doesn’t make any sense whatsoever. Luckily, I have all of my exported game history.

1. I was playing slots - specially the game Eagle Power and Wolf power. Are you saying that your games are not random? Are slots not inherently random? This just doesn’t make sense to me. Honestly, my understanding is that slots are random, so I don't see how there can be a strategy that overcomes this. Perhaps I'm just not understanding and someone else can explain to me how this is possible?

2. I am so glad you brought up this “strategy” as I hope that gives me license to share my betting history with this forum, admins, current and (potential) future players. I think it’s extremely important that any player ever considering depositing to BitcoincGames understands what you are calling a strategy that negates paying out wins! Attached is one of the exports I was able to download from your site. It shows my playing before being banned. According to this (1000 spins), I:

a. Bet max, which is 0.002 btc, 674 out of 1000 spins
b. Bet the 2nd highest, 0.0015 btc, 84 out of 1000 spins
c. Bet the 3rd highest, 0.001 btc 221 out of 1000 spins

(that's 979 spins out of 1000 at the 3 highest possible betting amounts)

The remaining spins were all made when my balance was below the the max spin amounts, and from what I can see, were again the max amount my balance would allow. (Most of the time, what I would do is hit spin, the game would say I don't have enough and auto-adjust the bet to be whatever value was the max allowed with my current balance).

Please explain how simply logging on to your casino and betting max, or close to it, at each and every possibility can possibly be consider a strategy that negates paying winners?

Note: In case it is against the TOS of Casinomeister, I'll upload the actual csv export in a second post so this text can remain even if that isn't allowed.
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Unfortunately, CSV upload aren't allow. I converted the export to PDF in hope that works.

Honestly, it should be clear to any player that I basically didn't even know what I was doing. I'm pretty sure betting max is a bad idea 99.9% of the time -- but here I was, just doing it over and over and now Bitcoin Casino is claiming that somehow this gave me an advantage and doesn't warrant paying ~$80,000 USD in winnings. This is the most frustrating casino experience I have ever had.

I didn't have any master plan, strategy or whatever else you claim. You claim that you are a:
a safe and fun website for all our players.

Well, you have a player here that was

- Having fun,
- Playing by simply betting max
- and who won

I don't know if you've just made a mistake, or if you're trying to avoid paying, but claiming that a player who bets max in slot machines is either breaking their randomness or a master strategy that negates payouts should be a massive red flag to any player ever considering play with you. I strong urge you re-look at this "investigation" you performed as I'm sure you'll see you've made a mistake.

Additionally, I think it's important for me to again mention to all current and future members, Bitcoin Games Casino threatened to go to the police if I did not send them back money. I've attached a screenshot (false-claims) of that wonderful message; which said:

Next steps

Your account has now been permanently blocked and all available funds were confiscated.

As a gesture of goodwill, we are willing to allow you to keep your deposits and refund us only the winnings that resulted from the misuse of our website (1.652 BTC). If you are willing to do it, we will close this case. If not, we will shortly be sharing a complete report and your details with international and Canadian authorities to deal with your fraudulent conduct.

Please inform us of your decision by Friday, 13th May 2022, 18:00 CET. Thanks.

Imagine if you were playing, betting max and finally hit it big only to have your withdrawals cancelled and a message like this sent? Hopefully like me you'd be strong and push back; but imagine if it was someone more easily scared?)

Has anyone every heard of threats like this from a legitimate casino?


  • BTC - 2022-05-01 _ 2022-05-10 - Games Reports.pdf
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I’m know I post too frequently and aggressively, but believe me, you would too if you you knew you had done nothing wrong, were owed $80,000+ USD (2.6btc), were accused of cheating, threatened with extortion and were not getting any whole answers regarding your case.

To simplify things, I’ll describe what I want/would accept to happen:

What I want to happen:
  1. Bitcoin Games Casino re-examines my game history
  2. Bitcoin Games Casino admits they made an (honest) mistake and that I was just playing normally
  3. All of my withdrawals are processed and I receive the remaining 2.6 etc

In the case, I will be over-the-moon, and will gladly accept a human-error was made by the casino. It’s likely rare that people have great win streaks, so an employee may have rushed to judgement.

What I would accept happening (even if I remain extremely unhappy):
  1. Bitcoin Games Casino re-examines my game history
  2. Bitcoin Games Casino publishes here their findings (facts) and specifically describesthe strategy they believe was used.
    1. Simply saying that “very clear to see looking at the results obtained” doesn’t cut it. My results where wins. That’s allowed at Bitcoin Games Casino, right? Please describe what I did that impact those results beyond just spinning …
  3. Others from this forum, @maxd @Casinomeister @LadyJelena concur that this is in fact a known strategy
  4. Bitcoin Games Casino publishes a similar description on their website so players are aware and/or configures their games to prevent whatever gameplay this is so no one else has to go through what I am going through.
I know, with 100% certainty that I didn’t have a strategy, didn’t try in anyway to win by anything but chance/luck and didn’t do anything that was advantageous to me. If I somehow stumbled upon a nefarious strategy with my default gameplay (which I described above as simply ‘bet max’ or ‘bet close to max’ until I don’t have much money left), I’ll accept that. Even if I don't like it. I certainly didn't want to do something wrong and would agree that if I had an edge somehow I would be in breach of TOS. I would just ask that you fully describe it and somehow be accounted for so that other players don’t fall victim to the same outcome where they play honestly but then get penalized.

I’ll await your “fair and reasonable” response.
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Hi @Reggiestyles

I am on holiday at the moment, and Max is tending to personal business, but I would encorage you to submit a PAB with us as soon as possible. We can get to this next week and hope ot get some clarity on this. Thanks!!

Thanks, @Casinomeister. I sent you a private message to confirm something about the PAB process. I’ll wait for a response there before submitting.

Having said that, I greatly appreciate the site/forum, and the fact that @BitcoinGamesCasino is at least here and active in this thread. I’m confident we can get this resolved, and my winnings paid in full as we work through the facts. As others are noting, there is no such thing as a “slots strategy”, so hopefully Bitcoin Games Casino is already reviewing their stance and will have some good news to share with everyone before I even submit ;)

— an optimist
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Hi Reggie,

Just writing here to confirm that we have replied to the complaint via CasinoGuru, which we see you have read and replied already.

We will continue to address the case there.

Many thanks,
Awesome, and thank you. I know we are miles apart at the moment, but I do appreciate and commend you for engaging in the process.

I really hope this is all just a misunderstanding / some incorrect trigger in an automated system - and will update the thread/community here once we either/both talk directly and/or resolve things.
I fail to see how anyone playing random slots without a bonus can have a 'betting strategy'.

If the casino pulls a player up about this then either they are saying the slots are not random or they really don't understand the products they purvey.

If I was a casino owner, as they say, "give me a player with a slots strategy and I'll send him a taxi.."

It worries me that (taking all this thread at face value) there are people running casinos that can actually come out with that as a reason not to pay, or investigate a player.
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good to know they resolved your issue...based on that i may try them out at some point. Thanks OP for the update
I wouldn't. Any casino that very publicly claim that there's a strategy to win on slots is either full of amateurs that have no idea how slots work or they're crooks trying to take advantage of players. This only got solved months later after a publicly made complaint.

They probably do this to a ton of players. Most of them never post publicly about it. I would stay away.

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