regarding micro gaming shift [banking]


i play predominantly fortune lounge group , well i was chatting to live support fro a small glitch ,
my question / reinforcement to witch i was told when i asked that person if it was still 7 sultan banking personal and if all doc;s were or still are enforced
so if i were to get a win i could cash out just as smoothly as before [he said yes ]

can any one confirm this scene i haven't cashed since June 1st 2010

thanx rocky cat


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Hi, I would like to know what is the new US version of MG? Is it still MG in a mini version or something else?


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I just got my first withdrawal from the 'new' MG (Villento)....seemed to take a little longer than prior withdrawals (maybe was just a one time thing).....they used to pay within 2-3 days, this one took 7 (although there was a weekend involved).

I know alot of people are disappointed with the smaller version of the US MG.....I can be included in that group too....I am already having Thunderstruck and Centre Court withdrawals (no pun intended). But hey, it is essentially still MG.....and so you can still expect much better payouts than anywhere else. And with the switchover I haven't missed a beat- 6 withdrawals in my last 11 deposits:thumbsup:


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Grandprivie group new software platform the rest of microgaming

Less games and many many good games gone. Hard to play them as all games I was use to winning on are gone!

No reason for this that I can see.

Will play at those I continually have luck at, the rest never again.