Refunded deposit in litecoin?


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Aug 3, 2020
I used a casino and deposited via debit card, but it took me to a site that paid in litecoin. It was exactly the right amount of money as I input and all seemed fine. Anyway this casino ended up refunding the money, but I got 4 emails from saying transactions received, and 4 saying transactions sent. I used a converter and saw that it was exactly the same as what I was due, so must be them.
I don’t use cryptocurrency and have no idea how it works, I don’t have a wallet etc. So as it was received, then sent somewhere else, can I assume it will go back into my account? It was just sent via the cryptocurrency site? I’m so confused!!!


When it comes to gambling, timing is everything.
Feb 24, 2018
If your 17 as per your other thread, why are you still trying to join and play at casinos?

Your just asking to get robbed...... not to mention its illegal to and attempt to in the UK and a lot of other places for that matter.

There is a reason your not allowed to gamble until 18+ in most countries, because most people of that age need to grow up.

Stop trying to gamble until your of age to do so, or its not going to end well.