Resolved Referral bonus not paid over a year Lucky Red


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Mar 3, 2010
modesto, ca
These are the rules listed for lucky red refferal bonus

Bonus Terms & Conditions

* A “referred friend” is the person who sends “referring friend” user name and email address to us.
* Both accounts need to be active account and have at least one deposit made.
* The free chips must be wagered twenty(20) times before a withdrawal is permitted
* The maximum cashout from this free bonus is 10 times the bonus amount
* Wagers on Baccarat, Craps, Roulette, Pokers, War and Sic Bo do not count towards this requirement
* Bonus chips are unredeemable and will be removed from the associated cashout
* The bonus will be credited in 48 hours once we have confirmed your details.

all these things have been met, yet they refuse to allocate my 50 dollars free this has been going on over a year now, and I hope this can be resolved quickly now

my account is *snip 1*

my friends account i believe was *snip 2*

so please if someone can help please do this asap
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Jan 20, 2004
If you want to file a formal complaint here at Casinomeister check out our Pitch-A-Bitch (aka 'PAB') service.

In a nutshell you file your Pitch-A-Bitch by completing the PAB form, I receive that, pre-screen it and then submit it to the casino people. The idea is that we're seeking a resolution to your complaint or a good reason why it cannot be resolved satisfactorily. This service is free of charge and is available to all Casinomeister members in good standing.

If you decide you do want to use the Pitch-A-Bitch service you are STRONGLY advised to read the Pitch-A-Bitch FAQ in full.

Why? Because you have responsibilities in the PAB process too -- both in filing your PAB and while the PAB process is ongoing -- and a successful PAB depends as much on you and your cooperation with our procedures as it does with the casino.

You can see more about past PABs on our PAB Archives page.

Max Drayman, Player Complaints (Pitch-A-Bitch) Manager