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Hello Everyone,

I still remember the first time I ever played a Fruit Machine :D .... I lost but I was somehow convinced I would win if only I had another chance.

35 years later - maybe tomorrow is that day.

I lived & played in the UK during the 80's so remember playing games like Ratrace, Aladdins Cave, smash n grab & other 2p classics. 10p games like Reel Crazy were out of my reach but used to watch others try & win £3.00 Tokens over £1.50 cash for 2p :what:

Moved to AUS before I was even allowed near a casino, life was not worth living..... & then they let me in & I realised it was worse than I thought - poker machines, no nudges, no features, no reels! just miles & miles of pointless (or funless) poker machines. One saviour a few years later was a horse racing game (Royal Ascot) that was a game to play in the day.

Wishing you all good luck in your games,

Reel Crazy