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Mar 28, 2003
Hello all,

I was wondering if any of you have come accross this problem with the Reef Club in the past. Last week I ended up being denied a bonus because I allegedly missed the 'happy hour'. I had carefully checked the Reef Club Casino Time (RCCT) and compared it to my own timezone (EST). When I look I see the RCCT as being one hour later than EST. Yet when I contact support they insist that RCCT and EST are the same. I am unable to convince them otherwise. The players club clock states that RCCT is GMT minus four hours (source: Reef Club Players Club). Eastern Standard time is GMT minus five hours (source: Windows built in clock). Clearly a difference of one hour. Please could some of you assure me that I am not crazy, I feel as if I am being told that the sky is pink when I know it is blue (I think).

Now, this is not a complaint against Reef Club as they have been very good throughout, very prompt, polite and patient with my e-mails. I'm really just looking for confirmation that I am able to read a watch. The only explanation I can think of is that perhaps their support is in a country that does not use Daylight Savings. Please let me know what you think.

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EST is indeed GMT -5 hours, BUT we are currently in EDT (aka daylight savings time) which is GMT -4. I've had this problem with Sunny Group before and it took a month of jumping up and down on them to finally convince them that they were wrong and owed me a prize from a contest about a year or so ago.

What they should be doing is using GMT for the official casino clock, that way there is no dispute. Its not called Coordinated Universal Time for nothing! They are undoubtedly in a country that doesn't use this ridiculous daylight savings time that we still cling to, and I'm sure that's the problem. There's a symantic problem here too though, because there is an eastern standard time (EST) as well as an eastern daylight time (EDT). If they insist on basing in on the eastern timezone, then they should refer to it at simply ET for eastern time, and observe the daylight savings as it occurs.
Do you really have to risk it by depositing in the first or the last hour of the whatever (happy/sad/pathetic) hour window to open yourself up for arguments like that ? I know there is a dispute of about an hour, if you deposit in the middle hour, you could avoid all these problems. At least that is what I do because I am afraid that sort of thing could happen.

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