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Feb 7, 2005
What is the most ridiculous comp point ratio a casino has given you?

One Playtech casino gives me 1 for every 100,000 wagered.

Much of the time, it depends on what game you are playing. If you got 1/100K and you were playing slots, that would suck big time - but if you were playing blackjack or perhaps jacks or better video poker, it might be understandable - even if it still sucks big time.
lowie said:
What is the most ridiculous comp point ratio a casino has given you?

One Playtech casino gives me 1 for every 100,000 wagered.


I believe somewhat how the casino is deciding about the comps is
reflecting how good they are. A playtech casino I can not name since
they are only popular to Japanese gives from the first 1 USD for 950 USD
bets for all the games and this is only the starter ( according to the
casino ). 1 £ for 100,000 £ is very questionable in terms of reasonableness.
:confused: Please show the casino name so that we can discuss about them :notworthy .
I am not sure what the exact rate is (they don't list it), but the Casino Action group has to be one of the worst. Its $10 for every 1000 points you earn, but they don't tell you how you earn those 1000 points. I am a platinum VIP at one of their casinos, which means I get $40 for every 1000 points..........yet I could earn $40 in comps much faster at ANY other MG casino. Whatever their conversion ratio, Casino Action comps are a joke.
I did not list this :)

Derived from experimental analysis:- (Casino Action)

GAME Points/10
Jacks or Better 4 Play VP 0.565
Slot - 5 Reel Drive 0.762
Pair Plus (3 card poker) 0.560
Double Bonus Video Poker 0.570
Blackjack (Vegas Strip) 0.183

They can change these at any time, and we would never know :what: , but the figures are easily derived in the tournaments, the score equals the gross wager on the game. I derived the others from analysing Playcheck.

For Platinum VIP (I am one), the reward rate can be greater on some games than the standard 10 for 1000 with 1 point per 10 wagered (=$=casino credits). Clearly, Blackjack here gives by far the worst reward rate, but slots and VP are better once you reach Platinum.
They have recently restructured the bonus system, WR of ongoing bonus amounts has been increased by 25%, the original bonus amount is now confiscated on transfer of winnings, but transfers do not need to be wagered.

This is the equivalent of a sticky bonus with 20x WR on slots, and 60x on all other games (except craps & bacarrat). These changes are to encourage new players to try them out, but it seems existing players get a worse deal than before, with increased WR and confiscation of bonus. As all tournament prizes are also paid into the bonus account, this means that they are now not real prizes, but loans.
Anyone looking for the BEST comps might be advised looking at the liberty entertainment group casinos. Big Dollar is the only one I have an account at but they give 5 for every 1000 of bets. Its only 1/3 that for BJ and VP I think but if you're a slot junkie then it might be the place to play. They have no signup offer and they've never asked me back with any offers or newsletter but if you don't care about bonuses it may be the place. I made one cashout which was processed quickly as far as I remember. MG software.

On a related note, most playtechs do give a variable rate depending on your VIP status and I was wondering how good anyones ever managed to get it. For a while I was on 3/1000 at del rio but it then reverted back to the standard 1/1000. If it got any higher than 3 I may be tempted to whack a load of BJ switch there way. (would have to check it wasn't a 'glitch' first though re- Joyland!).

Anyone care to post their comp rates? I'd also be interested of any casinos offering a higher comp rate but in the form of a sticky bonus. That could be a good way to build up bankroll while still being fairly cheap for the casinos

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