redbet problems cashier


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Well i try to withdrawal €181 eur and the option for withdraw is bad , i put me data for cashout and system make other deposit for same amount, i ask in live help and comment other player have same problem... Not understand


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Are you sure you used the withdraw and not deposit? I had an email the other day about they had a new system, It should not ask you for details when withdraw, Only deposit,

Maybe some one else will no more as not used redbet for a week or two,


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yes i use the option withdrawals but is as fuction deposit and in live help comment that other player had same problem :mad:


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09:14antonio: hello miss a new whit the problems in the cashier for witdrawal?
09:15Support Angelica: Hi Antonio
09:15Support Angelica: How are you?¨
09:15antonio: fine tx
09:17Support Angelica: Yes there is still some problems
09:17Support Angelica: They are working on it.
09:17Support Angelica: Sorry for the inconvenience Antonio.
09:17antonio: ok miss