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Jul 9, 2011
So it's been a while since I strayed to a different on-line casino but after recent MG problems and poor performance I decided to have a flutter at a different casino.

Using the Casinomiester casino ratings, Redbet is rated 9.4 so I thought that I would try this casino. I'm normally sceptical about trying new casinos because you hear about all sorts of problems from players.

Sign-Up - was very easy and verification was straight forward.

Customer Support - Contacted support on online chat several times and cannot fault the friendliness of the staff and also the ability to answer any question I could throw at them.

Depositing - This were straightforward but I were personally quite gutted that they do not take PayPal as a deposit method. But I'm sure they have there reasons for this.

Deposit Bonus - Again quite simple, you just enter each bonus code on the deposit page and the bonus is added instantly once the funds are transferred to the Casino Red Wallet from the Boss Wallet.

Withdrawals - I had a little win with Redbet and withdrew the funds, the way in which withdrawals are conducted is that you withdraw and then receive an email when the withdrawal has been accepted, you then go back to your account to basically accept the withdrawal which finalises the withdrawal. This happened within about ten minutes or less. Pretty easy and straightforward and received my winnings in a timely manner back to my card.

Favourite Game - I played a few games on here more notably would be the slot D.O.A (Dead or Alive) I like the game but a money eater it is. My Favourite game however has to be the Jack and The Beanstalk slot, this kept me entertained for hours and I must say the deposits on NET-ENT last a hell of a lot longer than they do when playing PlayTech or Microgaming platforms.

Gripes - 1) It is not a big issue but if someone decides to deposit after signing up then I think it should be made more clear that the deposit bonus is just for the Red Casino - which is a NET-ENT platform and cannot be used on the Blue Casino which is the Microgaming platform. Just I can see a lot of people assuming that this bonus can be used on any of the games at Redbet if they are new to the site. 2) I must admit I was quite shocked when the support lady told me you cannot use the deposit bonus on ANY Jackpot games, this again is something I'm sure they have there reasons for but I must admit made me feel a bit angry to why that rule is in place. (I'm sure someone will know the reasons why)

Overall A very well run casino, one that pays it's players within a good time frame and has a great range of games to choose from and some good promotions on offer. Would I recommend? well not that I would need to because of it's high rating but YES I would recommend and trust this casino.

Clearly this is my own experience of the casino from signing up to withdrawing winnings and does not represent anyone else's opinions or experiences. :)

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