Redbet closed my account


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Dec 27, 2008
[pab-in-progress]This is the original mail which i sent to 24h network.Because Redbet dont reply my hundreds of emails.they never replied my emails...

my username @ redbet tsc16

I was the member of your network's site which name is Redbet. My username at there is " tsc16"

First of all i deposited 30 euro 9 months ago.I entered poker room and i played.I played with a player who did not know anything else about poker.I played with him hours by hours and i won about 690 euro.I was very happy as you can imagine.And i decided to cash-out.I requested for a cash-out,however Redbet closed my account at that time.Later i sent thousands of mails but no reply from them.I reached their telephone number and i called however they only said to me "your account is blocked because you played against the rules" they said other player lost his money to me as we knew.He transferred his money to my account...

I could not understand this situation.I deposited and i played as a fair poker player.I am better player than him and i beat him.Also he did not know anything else about poker as i said.He called everything stupidly or raise etc..

I beat him fairly however i was guilty for Redbet.Is this my wrong why i beat him..He did not know the poker and he lost.Is this my problem.I am a pokerplayer like millions.

I investigate for a months.At last i reached your network.I am searching and fighting for my rights for 9 months for only 690 euro. :( I sent thousands of mail to Redbet and they did not care me.They stole my 690 euro.You can check my hand histories i did not anything against the rules.I played my game only.However they called me as a guilty.

This is unfair...I will go on my conflict.Because i am right as you know...

Please do the "right" thing.My request is open my account and pay my money.if you are not do the right thing I will also complain you and your network to the Major betting forums ,IBAS , and Malta government.Because Redbet stole my money(30euro) and my winnigs..

Yours sincerely


plase help me casinomeister...[/pab-in-progress]
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Jan 20, 2004
Have a look at our Pitch-A-Bitch service: start here, Pitch-A-Bitch FAQ. Please read and understand _all_ of the FAQ if you wish to file a PAB.

Max Drayman, Player Grievance Manager


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Dec 2, 2001
They might have considered your play against him "chip dumping" meaning that your friend deliberately lost his money to you, and its against the rules of some sites, even though some sites legally allow you to transfer funds to your friends.