Question Redbet Casino Free Spins - capped at 100 Eur or not ?


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Hi all,

today I received 10 no deposit free spins from Redbet for the new Volcano Riches Slot. It was not a welcome offer and I already had many deposits recently.

I won 6 euros and met the required wagering of 35x. I'm now at 200 Euros, and I don't know if I should continue to play, or whether the payout is capped at 100 Eur. The chat agent gave no clear statement. First she said I can withdraw all. Then she said, it is probably limited to 100, -. Does anybody know how that is regulated?


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Unsure if it has changed recently but I once cashed out about 5K at Redbet from a NDB.

Sweated like a pig waiting but was paid in full :thumbsup:

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Greetings RUF_GT, the beacon was lit and I rushed here as soon as I could!

First of all I am sorry to hear that you received an unclear answer from the support agent.

To clarify on the behalf of them there is a bonus term bringing this part up:

"14. Maximum payout from any no-deposit bonuses or free spins (excludes those associated with a deposit bonus) is €100 or equivalent."
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A long time ago we did not have cap on the no deposit winnings, but that was changed early 2017 when the updated sites were released.

Hopefully this answered your query and at least gave you some grounds to the decision you were introduced with.

Should you have any other thoughts or questions do not hesitate to give me a PM or light the beacon again!




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As far as updates go, that one's pretty bad


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That must be a nightmare. In July 2017 I deposited €20 and won €2500 at Redbet. The requested withdrawal to Neteller was canceled by customer support, because I had paid with a Paysafecard. I kept playing and lost everything. Since then, I made another 28 individual Deposits, but never won anything. Until yesterday.

In January 2018 i got an email request from Redbet's VIP Department ("because of the recent activity on your account, you triggered potential VIP Status..."). But I did not respond to this mail, because I thought my deposits were too small, and I would quickly lose the VIP status.

With the free spins, I'm now over €1700. Today, I requested a withdrawal, and again it was canceled by customer support because I'm supposed to verify myself again. I sent the documents 6 hours ago, but heard nothing more.

And now I read here, that the payout is capped at 100,- :(
@Emil Do you see any chance for an exception in this matter?

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Hi again RUF_GT,

When it comes to Paysafe card I know that the payment department always have to verify the new payment method used at withdrawal.
Since there is no means to withdraw by Paysafe, there's no other was around it but to verify and use another method.

So in that case I can only assume that you were advised to send in documents to very the NetEller account before they could approve the withdrawal.

If you are still playing on the no deposit free spins I can only ask you to wait before the account is verified and the withdrawal of 100€ can be approved.
There is unfortunately no point in continuing to wager and win more with the funds since they will be limited to 100€ withdrawal.

The problem in these cases is that if we would make an exception at this point we would have to make it for others, so there is no way that I can approve that exception =/

I understand the frustration but I also hope that you understand why we cannot remove the withdrawal cap of the no deposit bonus.

If you send me a PM with your username I can take a look at the verification process for you and see how far they've come with the documents that you sent in.