Red tiger gaming... what ?


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I just came up new slot provider.. tried games with about 100 spins and didnt even win my own bet once ? what the fuck is going on


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Yeah, I added a load of these to Slotscomparer, they are at Betsafe?

Anyway, tested a load in fun mode and they were quite good IMO.

The variance is far higher on some than others.


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IMO this is whats wrong in gaming nowadays.. new providers popup all the time and games are fucking ridicilously high variance...

I quess its really the new norm for games..


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Played WinterWonders. Over 500 spins and no bonus round! The fairy just teases you half the time with her silly magic features . I was blown away at how bad it paid. Never touch this brand again:confused::eek:


Megaways Slots, as useless as salt in your coffee
CasinoEuro (BML Group) has a few of their slots also..
Tried them but not my cup of tea..
I am very reluctant these days to try any new slot providers anyway..


Because my pockets got brutally emptied by the last few "new" slots providers I tried.

Honorable mentions go to Big time Gaming & Wazdan!!!
On Wazdan I think I lost around 5k on Shark Captain divided over several sessions that is.
I learnt my lesson and took my losses on this pile of shit.
I actually requested an investigation as I truly believed this slot was faulty but hey of course I ran just fine, it was just me having bad luck on it.

Meh if I open a slot these days and it is not a slot from a provider I know I close it right away.

All these new brands try to get a quick piece of the pie..Not from me tho.


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In short - [Betfair Macau] offers 8 oriental-themed slots, all from a provider called TGP games. While one has a respectable return to player of 95.35%, the other seven could put jackpot slots to shame - from 91.82% down to an eye-watering 89.60% :eek:
I thought these games rang a bell... at the time they were branded TGP Games, now the same games are branded Red Tiger Gaming and offer a progressive feature - which suggests these games started with Betfair last December.

* Betsafe are offering the non-progressive version of Lucky Wizard, with a claimed 96.42% RTP
* Betfair offer the progressive version, with a claimed 96.37% RTP - if you recall the quoted thread above, an 89.60% RTP slot (Red Phoenix Rising) is now 96.15% RTP - a possible 6.55% jackpot contribution :eek:

I've tried them a bit (mostly on freeplay) and they can be bankroll destroyers - the 90-92% base RTP coupled with deceptively high volatility can really make them painful... but they are also capable of chucking out some monster hits (500x plus) in the bonus features.