Red Flush - Rogue affiliate tactics...


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So get this... Im not blaming them directly but ages ago I self excluded from them...

Now im getting texts nearly every single day from either them or an affiliate.... Theres no option to unsubscribe and I have tried texting back "stop" which doesnt work:

Number: 07537416000

Text contents (always the same):

Hi *ME*,

Enjoy a 30% bonus at red flush mobile. Buy 100, get 130. Tap this link x to claim your bonus (min dep. of 30)

If its them, rogue treatment expected of course.... if not... then this affiliate deserves to be banned and have any earnings removed from their account. The whole advert is misleading too... poor bonus... no mention of the WR? Although it does seem like no affiliate code is in the link when clicked or checked.... So could well be them

Edit: Appologies to CM for making a direct http link... thanks for editing for me
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I'm sure they will read this thread but send a pm to one of their reps anyway. They can make the affiliate stop sending this if they really want to. I got a lot of spam mails from them before. When I got angry enough they made sure it stopped, but you do have to ask them to.


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Complain to ecogra, since it is a requirement that "Email and SMS advertising and bonus offers shall have an
unsubscribe, or opt-out facility."


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Thanks both.....

I have to say the rep has been awesome at sorting this....

Obviously when this happens we don't know who to blame but the rep messaged me, has been courteous and very happy to help....

I'm now at the understanding that yes it was annoying and perhaps there was some wrong about keeping my number on record.

However full respect to red flush and the rep at dealing with the matter..... As we know many casinos nowadays would just ignore it.

Thanks red flush rep and good luck in the future!!!


I know how others would may be going through the same thing without having CM to fall back on... but, im confident the rep has taken this onboard and I will relax the issue, hopefully they will learn from it, otherwise I urge people to go to ecogra (but like they would care?)


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Any SMS spam, simply forward the message to 7726 (this spells spam on your keypad.)

Once a few forwards have been received and messages examined, the spammer or spamming number gets blocked. It's quite effective here in the UK.

Remember - forward to 7726


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done what you said dunover and had a great reply from the rep... saying they had personally made sure my details are removed...... and my reply:

"Thanks very much, sincerely appreciate this"

The rep saves the day...

Just be careful in future guys who you are sending promotional messages to, it p*sses players off, causes disputes and unless someone specifically ticks the box "I want spam", we should not hear off you (or any other casino in the same scenario)

Like many I play where I want, if a casino basically begs me to play there then they can forget it!!!

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