red flush locked account


Dormant account
Aug 8, 2009
I have an account with red flush and got the 100% match bonus. whilst playing i was told that my account had been locked because i had another account registered with them. I was told i could carry on playing but just dont open any more accounts with them . I told them that they could take back the bonus as i was winning anyway. but was told i would be able to leave it. about an hour later I was locked out of the account again only to be told that the bonus had been taken off me plus any winnings that i had recieved using the 100% match bonus as these had now been forfieted as a result in opening another account. This left me with no account and a 0 balance. they have now reopened my account but i have lost all the money ..... can they do this.


Ueber Meister
Jan 30, 2007
Texas, USA
First question, and most important, do you have multiple accounts there? If so, then they can probably do whatever they want as it is clearly stated in T&C's about one account per household, computer etc. If you don't have multiple accounts, then I would give the rep here, Louise, a heads up first and let her check it out. If that doesn't help, PAB. If you think you will PAB, don't post anymore here. But check with rep first.