Red Dog Casino - No UKGC License but think they can take UK Players!


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Jan 10, 2020
Hi all.

First time post, hope it's in the correct place.

I deposited a few times with red dog casino. Played a few games and wanted to cash out. Usual thing, asking me to jump through hoops to get my money back.

I emailed them asking for them to pay out my money and also bringing to their attention they don't have a UK gaming licence so shouldn't have taken my business in the first place etc etc.

This was the response, does it seem right?


I understand your frustration however let me please explain and make it more clear to you.

That's true that Casinos that are operated in the UK need to have a license in order to provide customers with gambling services. But if you read the UK Gambling Law closely, you will notice that the UKGC license is only needed once you operate the casinos in the UK.

The most recent update to the UK gambling legislation, the Gambling (Licensing and Advertising) Act 2014 postulates that all remote gambling operators providing services to customers in the UK need to obtain a license from the UK Gambling Commission. Prior to 2014, operators whose gambling facilities had been available to British residents but their equipment had not been located in the UK, didn’t need to acquire a UKGC license. Or in other words, this Act regulates remote gambling operations based on the point of consumption, instead of at the point of supply.

We are a licensed Casino in Curacao and located in Curacao, which means this is an offshore Casino for the UK players to play in. We operate legally worldwide and UK players are allowed to play with us even according to the UK Gambling Law.

That means you can continue playing with us and enjoying the games, I can definitely assure you that it is safe and sound to stay with us and 100% legal to play in a licensed Casino even if it was licensed overseas.

Sure thing you can check the UK Law regarding this from your side to make sure that it is so.
Nope - this casino is NOT licensed to take UK players. That e-mail is the biggest load of bollocks I ever saw. RTG etc. aren't even UK licensed software.

Maybe @KasinoKing knows more about this shower of shite.

They have deliberately misinterpreted UKGC rules - try asking them how they pay their UK gaming tax then...
But their reply is pretty much how it is in practice, they are running their business in Curacao and they take players from where ever they want. That's how it has been for years and seems not much happen to that.

UKGC don't really have much legal ground to prevent any operators from other countries to accept players from UK, countries follow their own legislation (and of course EU countries many EU directives where these kind of actions could be more easy to stop by countries make deal that others are respecting it if some country want to be regulated market and run their own gambling).

Many operators would be happy and been reviewing if there would be anything to do with these cool offshore islands gamling companies which anyway actually are operated from Europe, but seem to be that there's no any legal ground for it.

They have nothing to do with UK, at the moment it's pretty much same that UK person is playing in landbased casino in Vegas, no need to pay taxes or kick UK peeps out.
Weird, I had a call from a UK landline number stating that it was from Don's Casino. I couldn't talk so they said they'd sent me an email immediately, which they did. When I questioned why they'd called from a UK landline they denied it. Of course they did! Researched the number and it's also been associated with Casino Napoli. What if they are pretending to be in Curacoa but really are in the UK?
Many telemarketing calls can show number from country customer is based even if made where ever. People don't so happily answer to calls from weird countries. You can easily call from number which is not in your physical location, sometimes it's also cost saving to make calls from local ones even not based there. Not really casino specified but my general experience, have no idea where these peeps physically are sitting :)

I doubt that not many casinos are physically in Curacao even they are operating under that license. Many companies have multiple addresses and offices, like many casinos serving UK players with UKGC license but running their operations from other countries like i guess most of multinational companies do, most of us have experienced happiness to deal with phone support in India.
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