Recommended Deposit Account?


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Hi Bryan...was into game year ago and dropped out...coming back.
I used to use PayPal for deposits, so my question is...
What is the recommended service to use for make deposits to online casinos.


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- if you have a US or Canadian bank account, Neteller can process transactions with the account - if you don't live in the US, you can fund by credit card or Western Union.

I'm sure Bryan may have a few more recommendations.


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I'll second spearmaster's recommendation. Neteller has been great for me. Instant transactions when you deposit into the casino and faster credits to your account when you withdraw. You can even get an atm card from them too if you like.


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Neteller is the way to go, and they will be opening international branches soon as well to cover just about everyone. I've never bothered with mast anything else. I almost opened a Gaming Card account, but I haven't had time.


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I heard that Neteller opened a branch in the UK very recently.

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I've heard bits of pieces of speculation, but is there any definitive view on how Neteller's dealings with US citizens will (or will not) be impacted by the US online gambling legislation? (Though it appears that the legislation is happily getting a bit bogged down.)