Suggestion Recognition of service?


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As a member of this site we are privileged to having access to some amazing casino reps. One guy in particular, im sure everyone knows who, works incredibly hard day in day out, responding to members issues. I imagine this could become a fairly stressful environment given the nature of the forum and high standards reps ate held to.

I wonder if it were aporopriate, for members who wanted to, give a small donation or collection for recognition of their hard work and service. Doesnt havet to be huge but still think it would be a nice gesture and could possibly be given at the anual CM awards?


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There are some stellar reps but personally I don't see the point in a collection...I mean, their jobs are pretty much deisgned for's in the title of CSR.
As to recognition from CM and CM members, there are shout-outs in threads or created threads and there are CM awards accolades where members and CAGS cast votes and help Bryan with short-lists.

Maybe it's best if there's a rep you feel goes above and beyond the normal call, is to express their hard work by thanks and a word to their managers via pm and email and suggest someone is overdue a raise. :D

If you make any of the conventions or meet and greets maybe buy said reps a beer if theyre there. ;)


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I like the idea. Sure it is the rep's job to take care of the issues we have, and probably he is getting the salary for it, but I can see sometimes some reps going further to help us, and it is good to show them we appreciate their effort.

Though I don't think money is a good idea to give away, maybe some goods to show them our appreciation like I know many men loves the mug with "the best dad" written on from their children. Of course if it happens, it should be better than some coffee cups I think. Something that can remind them we don't take them for granted.

I think the idea is worth to discuss.


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We can send Dan a Christmas hamper, I'm in. But no money, that's too close to bribe territory.


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I would willingly contribute to buying Dan a gift at the end of the year in recognition of his dedication to assisting us in Casinomeister . Something that he can relax and enjoy in his downtime away from work.
Maybe free membership to Pornhub casino and their associated brands?