Recieved my first withdrawl from Slots Plus


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May 19, 2012
United States
Just wanted to tell everyone that I wrote a in the forum about Slots Plus and today in the mail I got my 1st withdraw of 4. I appreciate this money came from a bank . North of America recieved it half hour ago. If the others go as well I hope they should contact this website and be rated . They send me several documents to fill out and told me on there game site the first withdraw was being processed . I promised i would pitch them because they have kept in contact and I do have the check . Hope everything cashes out but so far they seem ok to me. But as you all have warned others wait and see. But one is here. I also appreciate the fine people who wrote private messages about the cashing of checks and rules they follow . I hope i put this in the right forum if i didnt sorry for that.
Second withdrawl from SLots Plus on the way.

I have now recieved one and found out number two withdrawl is on the way they are paying me each week . THey have paid me by courier and check and I want to know they have made numerous contacts. Have had my badluck with rogue casinos till I found this website. We always question whether or not we will get paid. These people have been in contact and great at keeping me informed. I think they send out theres everyweek. I know there is alot of rogue casino and anything can change in a moments notice but Slots Plus so far has been the best I have played at. I would hope this continues and people give it a chance. For me its been good experience. Got what they promised with out calling or emailing . They email me with everything they are doing. Thanks Satch713

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