receiving the runaround from Lucky Spins


Dormant account
Jun 17, 2015
Chicago, IL
I opened an account at a New RTG casino, called Lucky Spins Casino, i placed a withdrawal, and i am receiving the runaround from these people. Pending time has passed, and i chose the Pay2Card option and they have said due to processor problems they will send me my winnings on a prepaid card. I have received nothing, any advice here on what to do?
Hi Welcome! I think if you can open up a thread in the 'casino complaints - non bonus issues' section and the right people will help you out!
Nothing like introducing yourself with a complaint. The casino in question is neither on the accredited list or on The Rogue list.

Your advice at this stage is to keep on at them, keep telling their support team you have not received your funds. If it gets to a point that they are not engaging or just not paying then you might wan't to submit a PAB - Link Outdated / Removed

However, make sure you fully read the terms for submitting a PAB before doing it.

Good luck :)
Thread was moved, originally posted in Introduce Yourself.

The OP filed a PAB but the casino never responded. They appear to have imploded, disappeared sometime in November leaving this and other issues unresolved.
It never stop.s amazing me the way these people at some of these casino,s sleep at night not to mention, Doing what,s right? Here today changed names next time? I just wish that all power,s that be, could see or even better exp. the STING of getting no payment! Perhaps it would be easier for them to do what is right? Peace Out! Out Of The Mist! shewoff]​


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