Received my check from Casino Webcam


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Dec 14, 2003
I won $400.00 playing roulette at Casino Webcam (on a fifty dollar investment) an just received my check. I took about 3 weeks to receive my check, but that's fine with me. An even though the streaming video is choppy at times, i perfer the live play over RNG roulette. Also I have had some nice dealings with pitbosses and customer service. So as of today it's thumbs up for Casino Webcam.
I signed up and it was great seeing my game live on a webcam. One thing I didnt like was there promo becuase of the wager. There wager are way too high. The girls also chat with you but some of the chat was really funny. I was laughing at some of the question and how they who asnwer it. Right now I am down 14 dollars but look to come back up.

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